Advances in Hospitality, Tourism, and the Services Industry: Handbook of Research on Global Hospitality and Tourism Management

Editor/Author Camillo, Angelo A.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-4666-8606-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Tourism & Hospitality
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Table of Contents

The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with more people from all cultures and nationalities choosing to spend their leisure time traveling and visiting new locations. To exploit this burgeoning market, tourism agencies must carefully consider the desires and goals of travelers from around the world. The Handbook of Research on Global Hospitality and Tourism Management contributes to the body of knowledge on travel and tourism by presenting a global view of the hospitality industry, including theoretical research into industry trends as well as case studies from around the world. This handbook provides travel agents, owner-operators, and students and researchers in the hospitality industry with the latest research, findings, and developments in the field. Within this handbook of cutting-edge research, readers will find chapters and cases on topics such as travel and tourism in a global economy; local, glocal, and international hospitality; challenges in environmental management; cultural cuisine; and destination management, among others.

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Table of Contents

  • Editorial Advisory Board
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgment
  • Chapter 1: An Analysis of the Characteristics and Dynamic Development of an Emergent Sustainable Hotel Business Model in Italy
  • Chapter 2: ISO14001
  • Chapter 3: An Investigation on Cultural Cuisine of Mainland China
  • Chapter 4: Advancing the Global Perspective of Tourism by Examining Core and Peripheral Destinations
  • Chapter 5: The Role of Destination Management Organizations in Exploiting Global Opportunities of Tourism Destinations
  • Chapter 6: The Influence of National Culture and Organizational Culture on the Success of an Expatriate Overseas Assignment
  • Chapter 7: The Impact of Exchange Rate on Tourism Industry
  • Chapter 8: Local Resources to Compete in the Global Business
  • Chapter 9: Role of Social Media in Tourism
  • Chapter 10: Organizational Citizenship Behavior
  • Chapter 11: Marketing Global Luxury Spa and Wellness Trends, Experiences, and Challenges
  • Chapter 12: The Influence of National Culture on Customer Service Experience
  • Chapter 13: Tourism Development in Least Developed Countries
  • Chapter 14: Diversity in Hotel Industry
  • Chapter 15: The Impact of Food Trends on Menu Innovation
  • Chapter 16: Risk Management Strategies and Management Implication of Cultural Difference for a P2P Virtual Enterprise
  • Chapter 17: Lesotho, a Tourism Destination
  • Chapter 18: How Do Pre-Alliance Motives and Strategies Affect Post-Alliance Performance in the Airline Industry?
  • Chapter 19: An Analysis of Hospitality and Tourism Research
  • Chapter 20: Privileges and Problems of Female Sex Tourism
  • Chapter 21: Global Perspective in Tourism Development
  • Chapter 22: The Impact of Integrated Marketing Communications on Hotel Brand Equity
  • Chapter 23: Expatriate Selection and Retention
  • Chapter 24: Best “Experience” Practices in Medical Tourism
  • Chapter 25: Explaining Consumer Behavior in the Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 26: Staff Turnover at the Crossboarder Hotel Company
  • Compilation of References
  • About the Contributors