The Edinburgh Companion to Modern Jewish Fiction

Editors: Brauner, David and Stahler, Axel
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

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ISBN: 978-0-74-864615-9
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Table of Contents

This collection of essays represents a new departure for, and a potentially (re)defining moment in, literary Jewish Studies. It is the first volume to bring together 28 chapters covering a wide range of American, British, South African, Canadian and Australian Jewish fiction.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface: Jews Have Legs - Mark Shechner
  • Introduction: Modern Jewish Fiction - David Brauner and Axel Stähler
  • Part I: American Jewish Fiction
  • 1 Pioneering Women Writers and the De-ghettoisation of Early American Jewish Fiction - Lori Harrison-Kahan
  • 2 Sensibilities of Estrangement: Delmore Schwartz, Isaac Rosenfeld and Saul Bellow - Catherine Morley
  • 3 The Making of American Jewish Identities in Postwar American Fiction - Victoria Aarons
  • 4 ‘Are you kidding me?’ Black Humour in the Work of Joseph Heller, Stanley Elkin, Wallace Markfield and Bruce Jay Friedman - David Gooblar
  • 5 American Jewish Life Writing, Illness and the Ethics of Innovation - Aimee Pozorski
  • 6 From Feminist to Housewife and Back Again: Orthodoxy and Modernity in American Jewish Women's Writing - Rachel S. Harris
  • 7 Soviet Jews, Re-Imagined: Anglophone Emigre Jewish Writers from the USSR - Sasha Senderovich
  • 8 History on a Personal Note: Postwar American Jewish Short Stories - David Brauner
  • 9 Disappointed Believers? The Jewish Question Mark in Eisner's ‘A Contract with God’ - Sarah Lightman
  • 10 The Holocaust in American Jewish Fiction - Jennifer Lemberg
  • 11 Representing the Holocaust in Third-Generation American Jewish Writers - Monica Osborne
  • 12 Marginal Writers; or, Jews Who Aren't - Debra Shostak
  • Part II: British Jewish Fiction
  • 13 The Postwar ‘New Wave’ of British Jewish Writing - Efraim Sicher
  • 14 Jewish Emigre and Refugee Writers in Britain - David Herman
  • 15 Jewish Exile in Englishness: Eva Tucker and Natasha Solomons - Phyllis Lassner
  • 16 Jewish, Half-Jewish, Jew-ish: Negotiating Identities in Contemporary British Jewish Literature - Ruth Gilbert
  • 17 Life Writing and the East End - Devorah Baum
  • 18 ‘Almost too good to be true’: Israel in British Jewish Fiction, Pre-Lebanon - Axel Stähler
  • 19 The Writing on the Wall: Israel in British Jewish Fiction, Post-Lebanon - Axel Stähler
  • 20 British Jewish Holocaust Fiction - Sue Vice
  • 21 Reading Matters: ‘Marginal’ British Jewish Writers - Beate Neumeier
  • Part III: International and Transnational Anglophone Jewish Fiction
  • 22 Jewish Writing in Canada - Ira Nadel
  • 23 South African Jewish Writers - Linda Weinhouse
  • 24 Repairing Cracked Heirlooms: South African Jewish Literary Memory of Lithuania and Latvia - Claudia B. Braude
  • 25 Australian Jewish Fiction: A Bibliographical Survey - Serge Liberman
  • 26 ‘Migrant’ Jewish Writers in the Anglophone Diaspora - Sandra Singer
  • 27 Jewish Novels of the Spanish Civil War - Emily Robins Sharpe
  • 28 Mooristan and Palimpstine: Jews, Moors and Christians in Amitav Ghosh and Salman Rushdie - Shaul Bassi
  • List of Contributors
  • Works Cited