The Handbook of Language and Gender

Editors: Ehrlich, Susan, Meyerhoff, Miriam and Holmes, Janet
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-0-47-065642-6
Category: Social Sciences - Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
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Table of Contents

Written by leading specialists in the field The Handbook of Language, Gender and Sexuality is a collection of articles examining the dynamic ways in which women and men develop and manage gendered identities through their talk. The handbook has been extensively updated with a new introduction and chapters focusing on key themes and issues across historical periods, and methodologies and cutting-edge research topics in the field today. In-depth overviews explore the study of language and gender worldwide, and the collection features data and case studies from interactions across a range of social contexts and communities. This comprehensive resource provides a state-of-the-art overview of language and gender for established scholars and an essential introduction to the field for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in a wide range of disciplines.

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Table of Contents

    • Notes on Contributors
    • Acknowledgments
    • Introduction: Language, Gender, and Sexuality - Susan Ehrlich and Miriam Meyerhoff
    • Part I Theory and History
    • 1 The Feminist Foundations of Language, Gender, and Sexuality Research - Mary Bucholtz
    • 2 Theorizing Gender in Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Anthropology: Toward Effective Interventions in Gender Inequity - Bonnie McElhinny
    • 3 Language and Desire - Don Kulick
    • Part II Methods
    • 4 Variation and Gender - Miriam Meyerhoff
    • 5 Sociophonetics, Gender, and Sexuality - Robert J. Podesva and Sakiko Kajino
    • 6 Ethnographic Methods for Language and Gender Research - Niko Besnier and Susan U. Philips
    • 7 Conversation Analysis in Language and Gender Studies - Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger
    • 8 Gender and Categorial Systematics - Elizabeth Stokoe and Frederick Attenborough
    • 9 Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis: Relevance for Current Gender and Language Research - Michelle M. Lazar
    • Part III Identities
    • 10 Language and Sexual Identities - Robin Queen
    • 11 Exceptional Speakers: Contested and Problematized Gender Identities - Kira Hall
    • 12 Language and Masculinity - Bethan Benwell
    • 13 Queering Masculinities - Tommaso M. Milani
    • Part IV Ideologies
    • 14 Gender and Language Ideologies - Deborah Cameron
    • 15 The Power of Gender Ideologies In Discourse - Susan U. Philips
    • 16 Meaning-Making and Ideologies of Gender and Sexuality - Sally McConnell-Ginet
    • 17 A Marked Man: The Contexts of Gender and Ethnicity - Sara Trechter
    • Part V Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
    • 18 Language and Gender Research in Poland: An Overview - Agnieszka KieÅ‚kiewicz-Janowiak and Joanna Pawelczyk
    • 19 Historical Discourse Approach to Japanese Women’s Language: Ideology, Indexicality, and Metalanguage - Momoko Nakamura
    • 20 Language and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa - Enam Al-Wer
    • 21 Language and Gender Research in Brazil: An Overview - Ana Cristina Ostermann and Luiz Paulo Moita-Lopes
    • Part VI Domains and Institutions
    • 22 Language and Gender in theWorkplace - Janet Holmes
    • 23 Language, Gender, and Sexual Violence: Legal Perspectives - Susan Ehrlich
    • 24 Language and Gender in Educational Contexts - Julia Menard-Warwick, Miki Mori, and Serena Williams
    • 25 Gender and Family Interaction - Deborah Tannen
    • 26 Language and Gender in Peer Interactions among Children and Youth - Marjorie Harness Goodwin and Amy Kyratzis
    • 27 Language and Gender in Adolescence - Penelope Eckert
    • Part VII Engagement and Application
    • 28 Gender, Endangered Languages, and Revitalization - Barbra A. Meek
    • 29 Gender and (A)nonymity in Computer-Mediated Communication - Susan C. Herring and Sharon Stoerger
    • 30 “One Man in Two is aWoman”: Linguistic Approaches to Gender in Literary Texts - Anna Livia
    • 31 Language, Gender, and Popular Culture - Mary Talbot
    • 32 The Public View of Language and Gender: Still Wrong After All These Years - Alice F. Freed