The Handbook of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

Editors: Krohn, Marvin D. and Lane, Jodi
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Wiley

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ISBN: 978-1-11-851317-0
Category: Social Sciences - Criminology & Law
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Table of Contents

This interdisciplinary handbook offers an up-to-date examination of advances in the fields of juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice. The contributorsall leading scholars and practitionersprovide a current state of both fields, while also assessing where they have been and defining where they should go in years to come.

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Table of Contents

  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction - Marvin D. Krohn and Jodi Lane
  • Part I Trends in Juvenile Delinquency Around the World
  • 1 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Trends in the United States - Jodi Lane
  • 2 Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Trends in Europe - Paul R. Smit and Catrien C.J.H. Bijleveld
  • 3 Youth Violence in Brazil: Law, Prevalence, and Promising Initiatives - Paulo Ricardo Diniz Filho and Giza Lopes
  • 4 Juvenile Justice in Russia - Elena Bystrova and Maria Tcherni
  • 5 Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency in India - Suman Kakar
  • 6 Juvenile Justice in South Africa - Adam Cooper
  • 7 Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in China - Beidi Dong
  • 8 Putting the Processing of Juvenile Offenders into Context - Kristin Gardner and Lonn Lanza-Kaduce
  • Part II Correlates of Delinquent Behavior
  • 9 Gender, Delinquency, and Youth Justice: Issues for a Global Century - Meda Chesney-Lind and Nicholas Chagnon
  • 10 Causes of African-American Juvenile Delinquency - James D. Unnever
  • 11 A Biosocial Perspective on Juvenile Delinquency - Chris L. Gibson and Andrea Davis
  • 12 Parenting and Delinquency - John P. Hoffmann
  • 13 School Effects on Delinquency and School-Based Prevention - Wayne N. Welsh and Courtney Harding
  • 14 Fleas and Feathers: The Role of Peers in the Study of Juvenile Delinquency - John M. Eassey and Molly Buchanan
  • 15 Neighborhoods and Delinquent Behavior - Susan McNeeley and Pamela Wilcox
  • Part III Explaining Delinquency
  • 16 General Strain Theory and Delinquency - Robert Agnew
  • 17 Social Learning Theory and Delinquent Behavior: Past, Present, and Future Investigations - L. Thomas Winfree, Jr.
  • 18 Social Control and Self-Control - Erich Goode
  • 19 Theoretical Perspectives on Delinquent Development: Propensity, Plasticity, and Range - Arjan A.J. Blokland
  • 20 Labeling Theory - Marvin D. Krohn and Giza Lopes
  • 21 Routine Activities and Opportunity Theory - Nick Tilley and Aiden Sidebottom
  • Part IV System Responses to Delinquency
  • 22 Prenatal and Early Childhood Prevention of Antisocial Behavior - Lauretta M. Brennan and Daniel S. Shaw
  • 23 School Prevention Programs - Steven P. Lab
  • 24 Neighborhood-based Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency - Abigail A. Fagan and Andrea Lindsey
  • 25 Policing Juvenile Delinquency - Reveka V. Shteynberg and Allison D. Redlich
  • 26 Juvenile Diversion - James V. Ray and Kristina Childs
  • 27 Youth in the Juvenile Court and Adult Court - Michael J. Leiber and Jennifer H. Peck
  • 28 Community-Based Sanctions and Juveniles: What Works, What Does Not, and What Looks Promising - Crystal A. Garcia
  • 29 Institutionalization and Treatment - Barry Glick
  • Part V Special Issues in Juvenile Delinquency
  • 30 Gang Trends, Trajectories, and Solutions - James C. Howell
  • 31 A Look at the Street Gang Violence Situation in Europe - Elmar G.M. Weitekamp
  • 32 Weapon Carrying and Use Among Juveniles - Amanda D. Emmert and Alan J. Lizotte
  • 33 Youth Drug Trends and Societal Reactions - John M. Stogner and Bryan Lee Miller
  • 34 Maltreatment and Damaging Outcomes in Adolescence: Longitudinal Research and Policy - Timothy O. Ireland, Carolyn A. Smith, and Jamie E. Walter
  • 35 Victimization and Fear of Crime Among Juveniles - David C. May