Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Management

Editor: Raj, R.
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: CABI

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ISBN: 978-1-78-064523-0
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Table of Contents

Within the past 10 years Religious Tourism has seen both economic and education-sector growth on a global scale. This book addresses the central role of religious tourism and interrelationships with other aspects of pilgrimage management. It provides practical applications, models and illustrations and looks at secular and sacred spaces on a global stage.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • 1 Introduction to Sacred or Secular Journeys - Razaq Raj and Kevin Griffin
  • 2 Politics, Policy and the Practice of Religious Tourism - Anna Trono
  • 3 Sacred Sites and the Tourist: Sustaining Tourism Infrastructures for Religious Tourists and Pilgrims –a UK Perspective - Ian D. Rotherham
  • 4 The Globalization of Pilgrimage Tourism? Some Thoughts from Ireland - Kevin Griffin and Razaq Raj
  • 5 Religious Tourism for Religious Tolerance - Yasin Bilim and Sevde Düzgüner
  • 6 Pilgrimage, Diversity and Terrorism - Tahir Rashid and Neil Robinson
  • 7 Motivations for Religious Tourism, Pilgrimage, Festivals and Events - Razaq Raj, Kevin Griffin and Ruth Blackwell
  • 8 Exploring Pilgrimage and Religious Heritage Tourism Experiences - Nigel Bond
  • 9 Sacred Pilgrimage and Tourism as Secular Pilgrimage - Vitor Ambrósio
  • 10 Social Network Tools as Guides to Religious Sites - Lluís Prats, Silvia Aulet and Dolors Vidal
  • 11 Stakeholders and Co-creation in Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage - Alan Clarke and Ágnes Raffay
  • 12 Case Study 1: Pilgrimage Experience and Consumption of Travel to the City of Makkah for the Hajj Ritual - Razaq Raj
  • 13 Case Study 2: Religious Tourism Experiences in South East Asia - Jaeyeon Choe and Michael O’Regan
  • 14 Case Study 3: Nordic Pilgrimage to Israel: A Case of Christian Zionism - Maria Leppäkari
  • 15 Case Study 4: The Consumption and Management of Religious Tourism Sites in Africa - Samson Olawale Fadare and Elizabeth Ifeyinwa Benson
  • 16 Case Study 5: Ashura and its Commemoration in Ireland: A ‘Proxy’ Pilgrimage Experience - Kevin Griffin and Hadil M. Faris
  • 17 Case Study 6: Revisiting Religious Tourism in Northern Portugal - Carlos Fernandes, Jorge Coelho and Miguel Brázio
  • 18 Case Study 7: From Disaster to Religiosity: República de Croman˜ón, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Maximiliano E. Korstanje and Geoffrey Skoll
  • 19 Case Study 8: Pilgrimages toward South Lebanon: Holy Places Relocating Lebanon as a Part of the Holy Land - Nour Farra-Haddad
  • 20 Case Study 9: The Creation of the Cults of SS Paul and Publius in Early Modern Malta - Vincent Zammit
  • 21 Case Study 10: Takaful: To Explore the Market Need for Hajj Travel Insurance - Tahir Rashid