Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

Editor: Leal Filho, Walter
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-642-38669-5
Category: Science - Environmental sciences
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation addresses the scientific, social, political and cultural aspects of climate change in an integrated and coherent way. The multi-volume reference focuses on one of the key aspects of climate change: adaptation and how to handle its impacts on physical, biotic and human systems, analyzing the social and normative scientific concerns and presenting the tools, approaches and methods aimed at management of climate change impacts.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • List of Contributors
  • Part I Climate Change Impacts and Management
  • A Methodological Framework for Building an Index for Vulnerability Assessment in Rainfed Agriculture - Aliou Diouf and Amadou Thierno Gaye
  • A Multi-model Framework for Climate Change Impact Assessment - Alireza Gohari, Mohammad Javad Zareian and Saeid Eslamian
  • A Socio-Economic Evaluation of Community-based Adaptation:​ A Case Study in Dakoro, Niger - Olivier Vardakoulias and Natalie Nicholles
  • Adaptation as Climate Risk Management:​ Methods and Approaches - Paul Bowyer, Michaela Schaller, Steffen Bender and Daniela Jacob
  • Adapting Nature-Based Seasonal Activities in Quebec (Canada) to Climate Change - Stéphanie Bleau, Sylvie Blangy and Michel Archambault
  • An Analytical Framework for Investigating Complex Institutions in Climate Change Adaptation:​ The Institutional Environment Matrix - Sining C. Cuevas, Ann Peterson and Tiffany Morrison
  • An Approach to Measure Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalayas - Jean-Yves Gerlitz, Soumyadeep Banerjee, Nick Brooks, Kiran Hunzai and Mirjam Macchi
  • Climate Change and Displacement in Bangladesh:​ Issues and Challenges - Nour Mohammad
  • Climate Change and Health in Colombia - Tam Tran, Salua Osorio Mrad and Gilma C. Mantilla
  • Climate Change and Urban Development in Africa - Asfaw Kumssa, Aloysius C. Mosha, Isaac M. Mbeche and Enos H. N. Njeru
  • Climate Change Governance:​ Emerging Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Developing Countries - Martin Oulu
  • Climate Compatible Physical Infrastructure in Coastal Bangladesh - Mustafa Saroar
  • Conservation of Urban Biodiversity Under Climate Change:​ Climate-Smart Management for Chicago Green Spaces - Abigail Derby Lewis, Robert K. Moseley, Kimberly R. Hall and Jessica J. Hellmann
  • Development and Application of Good Practice Criteria for Evaluating Adaptation Measures - Christian Kind, Andreas Vetter and Rupert Wronski
  • Gender and Health Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the Pacific:​ A Case Study of Papua New Guinea - Sabrina Regmi
  • Guiding Regional Climate Adaptation in Coastal Areas - Helge Bormann, Rob van der Krogt, Leo Adriaanse, Frank Ahlhorn, Ruben Akkermans, Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Chris Gerrard, Nelie Houtekamer, Ger de Lange, Anders Norrby, Niels van Oostrom and Renaat De Sutter
  • Himalayan Glaciers Retreat and Implications for Sectoral Climate Adaptation - Rajesh Kumar, Prakash Rao and G. Areendran
  • Linking Social Perception and Risk Analysis to Assess Vulnerability of Coastal Socio-ecological Systems to Climate Change in Atlantic South America - J. P. Lozoya, D. Conde, M. Asmus, M. Polette, C. Píriz, F. Martins, D. de Álava, R. Marenzi, M. Nin, L. Anello, A. Moraes, M. Zaguini, L. Marrero, N. Verrastro, X. Lagos, C. Chreties and L. Rodriguez
  • Local Determinants of Adaptive Capacity Against the Climatic Impacts in Coastal Bangladesh - Mustafa Saroar and Jayant K. Routray
  • Mainstreaming Integrated Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Local Development Plans in the Philippines - Ebinezer R. Florano
  • Making Adaptation Fit:​ Analysis of Joint Climate Change Adaptation Programs of the MDGF - S. Czunyi, L. Pintér and J. Perry
  • Physical Damages Associated with Climate Change Impacts and the Need for Adaptation Actions in Latin America and the Caribbean - Walter Vergara, Ana R. Rios, Luis M. Galindo and Joseluis Samaniego
  • Strategic Military Geography:​ Climate Change Adaptation and the Military - Jane Holloway, Michael Durant Thomas and Cheryl Durrant
  • Streamlining Climate Risk and Adaptation in Capital Project Development - Lisa Constable and Ioannis Chrysostomidis
  • The Role of Climate Services in Adapting to Climate Variability and Change - Paul Bowyer, Guy P. Brasseur and Daniela Jacob
  • The Role of Wetlands in Mitigating the Effect of Climate Change in Nigeria - Nasiru Idris Medugu
  • Understanding and Managing Climate Change Risks and Adaptation Opportunities in a Business Context - Ioannis Chrysostomidis and Lisa Constable
  • Understanding Impacts of Climate Variation in Varied Socio-ecological Domains:​ A Prerequisite for Climate Change Adaptation and Management - Nidhi Nagabhatla, Sobhan Kumar Sahu, Armando Gaetaniello, Lijuan Wen and Wooseop Lee
  • Urbanization and Climate Change - Mohammad Hadi Bazrkar, Negin Zamani, Saeid Eslamian, Alireza Eslamian and Zohreh Dehghan
  • Would Climate Change Affect the Imports of Cereals?​ The Case of Egypt - Suzanna El Massah and Gehad Omran
  • Part II Policy and Climate Change
  • Adaptation to Climate Change in Cities - Magali Dreyfus
  • Assessing the Capacity of Law to Facilitate Adaptation to Climate Change - Margot A. Hurlbert
  • Climate Change Adaptation:​ An Overview on Challenges and Risks in Cities, Regions Affected, Costs and Benefits of Adaptation, and Finance Mechanisms - Manal El-Batran and Mohsen Aboulnaga
  • Climate Change and Gender:​ Study of Adaptation Expenditure in Select States of India - Gyana Ranjan Panda, Saumya Shrivastava and Aditi Kapoor
  • Climate Change Mitigation:​ From Carbon-Intensive Sprawl Toward Low Carbon Urbanization:​ Progress and Prospects for Istanbul - Arzu Kocabas, Michael S. Gibson and Murat Diren
  • Climate Change:​ Safeguarding Indigenous Peoples through “Land Sensitive” Adaptation Policy in Africa - Ademola Oluborode Jegede
  • Climate Migration Governance - Benoît Mayer
  • Climbing the Adaptation Planning Ladder:​ Barriers and Enablers in Municipal Planning - Elisabeth Hamin and Nicole Gurran
  • Designing an Adaptation Strategy in a Complex Socioecosystem:​ Case of Territorial Climate and Energy Plans in France - Stéphane La Branche
  • Disaster Vulnerability in the Policy Context of Bangladesh:​ A Critical Review - Afroza Parvin and Cassidy Johnson
  • Enabling Policies for Agricultural Adaptations to Climate Change in Sri Lanka - Buddhi Marambe, Pradeepa Silva, Jeevika Weerahewa, Gamini Pushpakumara, Ranjith Punyawardena and Ranga Pallawala
  • Energy Efficiency in Developing Economies:​ The Need for a Strategic Response to Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) - Emmanuel Emeka Ejim-Eze and Walter Leal Filho
  • Enhancing Biodiversity Co-benefits of Adaptation to Climate Change - Kanako Morita and Ken'ichi Matsumoto
  • Environmental Law, Public Policies, and Climate Change:​ A Social-Legal Analysis in the Brazilian Context - Thiago Lima Klautau de Araújo
  • Financing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries - Kanako Morita and Ken'ichi Matsumoto
  • Financing Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in India - Dhanapal Govindarajulu
  • From Risk to Opportunity:​ Climate Change and Flood Policy in Bangladesh - Muhammad Jahedul Huq and Louise Bracken
  • Gender and Social Equity in Climate Change Adaptation in the Koshi Basin:​ An Analysis for Action - Manohara Khadka, Golam Rasul, Lynn Bennett, Shahriar M Wahid and Jean-Yves Gerlitz
  • Gender, Governance, and Climate Change Adaptation - Melissa Nursey-Bray
  • Improving Capacities and Communication on Climate Threats for Water Resources Adaptation in Paraguay - Genaro Coronel, Max Pastén, Julián Báez, Roger Monte Domecq, Mario Bidegain and Gustavo J. Nagy
  • International Policy on Climate Change and Its Influence on Russian and Belarusian Legislations and Practice - Siarhei Zenchanka
  • Linkage of Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Climate Mitigation Action in Africa - Labintan Adeniyi Constant and Harald Winkler
  • Multilevel Analysis and Comparison of Climate Change Policies in Argentina and Canada - Margot A. Hurlbert, Paula C. Mussetta and Jorge Ivars
  • National Adaptation Planning:​ Lessons from OECD Countries - Michael Mullan, Nicolas Kingsmill, Shardul Agrawala and Arnoldo Matus Kramer
  • Political Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation:​ Conceptual Reflections and African Examples - Irit Eguavoen, Karsten Schulz, Sara de Wit, Florian Weisser and Detlef Müller-Mahn
  • Pricing Innovation in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA):​ Hedonic Valuation of R&​D That Can Favor CCA - Johann Jacob, Jessica Bouchard, Moktar Lamari and Éva Anstett
  • Principles of Emissions Trading - Julien Chevallier
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment as a Tool to Integrate Climate Change Adaptation:​ A Perspective for Nigeria - Chika Ubaldus Ogbonna and Eike Albrecht
  • Sustaining Cooperation in the International Climate Change Regimes:​ Employing Game Theory and Network Theory - Joon-hyuk Chung
  • The Effect of New Public Management Reforms on Climate Change Adaptive Capacity:​ A Comparison of Urban Planning and the Electricity Sector - Tor Håkon Inderberg, Knut Bjørn Stokke and Marte Winsvold
  • The Role of National Development Banks in Catalyzing International Climate Finance:​ Empirical Evidences from Latin America - Chiara Trabacchi, Barbara Buchner, Diana Smallridge, Maria Netto, José Juan Gomes Lorenzo and Lucila Serra
  • Water, Food, and Energy Nexus in South Asia:​ Implications for Adaption to Climate Change - Golam Rasul and Bikash Sharma
  • Part III Climate Change Adaptation, Agriculture, and Water Security
  • Adaptation According to Mode of Climate Variability:​ A Case Study from Canada's Western Interior - David Sauchyn, Barrie Bonsal, Stefan W. Kienzle, Jeannine-Marie Jacques, Jessica Vanstone and Elaine Wheaton
  • Adaptation of Irrigated and Rainfed Agriculture to Climate Change:​ The Vulnerability of Production Systems and the Potential of Intraspecific Biodiversity (Case Studies in Italy) - Massimo Menenti, S. M. Alfieri, A. Bonfante, M. Riccardi, A. Basile, E. Monaco, Carlo De Michele and Francesca De Lorenzi
  • Adaptation Options to Improve Food Security in a Changing Climate in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region - Sarah Marie Nischalke
  • Adaptation Strategies Against Salinity-Induced Vulnerability in Coastal Bangladesh - Mustafa Saroar
  • Adaptation to Climate Change Effects Among Rural Women in Savannah and Forest Zones of Oyo State, Nigeria - Nathaniel S. Sangotegbe, Janet O. Obayomi and John O. Oluwasusi
  • Agricultural Extension and Adaptation Under the “New Normal” of Climate Change - Brent M. Simpson and Gaye Burpee
  • Agriculture and Climate Change in Southeast Asia and the Middle East:​ Breeding, Climate Change Adaptation, Agronomy, and Water Security - Ijaz Rasool Noorka and J. S. Heslop-Harrison
  • Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation of Vulnerable Coastal Communities of India - Chinmai Hemani
  • Arable Crop Farmers’ Decision Making and Adaptation Strategies on Climate Change in Ogun State, Nigeria - S. B. Ibrahim, Carolyn A. Afolami, I. A. Ayinde and C. O. Adeofun
  • Assessing How Participatory/​Community-Based Natural Resource Management Initiatives Contribute to Climate Change Adaptation in Ethiopia - Hannah Reid and Lucy Faulkner
  • Assessing the Impact of Rainwater Harvesting Technology as Adaptation Strategy for Rural Communities in Makueni County, Kenya - Jokastah Wanzuu Kalungu, Walter Leal Filho, Duncan Onyango Mbuge and Hillary Kibet Cheruiyot
  • Changes of South Baltic Region Climate:​ Agroecological Challenges and Responses - Galina M. Barinova, Evgeny Krasnov and Dara V. Gaeva
  • Climate Change and Agricultural Adaptation in South Asia - K. Ravi Shankar, K. Nagasree, G. Nirmala, M. S. Prasad, B. Venkateswarlu and Ch. Srinivasa Rao
  • Climate Change and Agriculture in Dry Areas - Muhammad Saqib, Javaid Akhtar, Riaz H. Qureshi and Ghulam Murtaza
  • Climate Change and Water Issues in Mesopotamia:​ A Framework for Fostering Transboundary Cooperation in Euphrates-Tigris Basin - Vakur Sümer
  • Climate Change and Water Security in Dry Areas - Ghulam Murtaza, Muhammad Saqib, Abdul Ghafoor, Wasim Javed, Behzad Murtaza, Muhammad Kashif Ali and Ghulam Abbas
  • Climate Change Vulnerability to Rice Paddy Production in Bali, Indonesia - Takeshi Takama, Pudji Setyani and Edvin Aldrian
  • Climate, Climate Risk, and Food Security in Sri Lanka:​ The Need for Strengthening Adaptation Strategies - Buddhi Marambe, Ranjith Punyawardena, Pradeepa Silva, Sarath Premalal, Varuna Rathnabharathie, Bhathiya Kekulandala, Uday Nidumolu and Mark Howden
  • Climate Variability and Climate Change Impacts on Smallholder Farmers in the Akuapem North District, Ghana - Kwadwo Owusu, Peter Bilson Obour and Selina Asare-Baffour
  • Dealing with Rainfall Variability for Food Production in the Nigerian Savannah - Grace Oloukoi, Mayowa Fasona, Felix Olorunfemi, Peter Elias and Vide Adedayo
  • Integrated Biophysical and Socioeconomic Model for Adaptation to Climate Change for Agriculture and Water in the Koshi Basin - Nilhari Neupane, Manchiraju Sri Ramachandra Murthy, Golam Rasul, Shahriar M Wahid, Arun B. Shrestha and Kabir Uddin
  • Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions for the Dairy Sector in Malawi:​ Needs and Opportunities - Irina Arakelyan and Dominic Moran
  • Prospects and Challenges of Local Community Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries:​ The Case Study of Malawi - Sane Pashane Zuka
  • Responding to Climate Change:​ Ecological Modernization in Bangladesh's Agriculture - Saleh Ahmed
  • Security Implication of Climate Change Between Farmers and Cattle Rearers in Northern Nigeria:​ A Case Study of Three Communities in Kura Local Government of Kano State - Salisu Lawal Halliru
  • Social Capital and Local Institutions:​ A Perspective to Assess Communities Adaptation Potential to Climate Change - Bhaskar Padigala
  • Technical and Institutional Options of Water Harvesting Systems for Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture - Orlando F. Balderama
  • The Contribution of Traditional Agroforestry to Climate Change Adaptation in the Ecuadorian Amazon:​ The Chakra System - Bolier Torres, Oswaldo Jadán Maza, Patricia Aguirre, Leonith Hinojosa and Sven Günter
  • Part IV Climate Change Adaptation Technologies
  • Build Sponge Eco-cities to Adapt Hydroclimatic Hazards - Chung-Ming Liu, Jui-Wen Chen, Ying-Shih Hsieh, Ming-Lone Liou and Ting-Hao Chen
  • Climate Change Adaptation Through Grassroots Responses:​ Learning from the “Aila” Affected Coastal Settlement of Gabura, Bangladesh - A. F. M. Ashraful Alam, Rumana Asad and Afroza Parvin
  • Climate Change Aspects of International Knowledge Exchange About Water:​ Experiences from Mozambique and Ecuador - Christoph Rapp and Andreas Zeiselmair
  • Climate Change Knowledge Platforms Targeted at West Africa:​ A Review and a Focus on the New CILSS Platform - T. Ourbak and A. Bilgo
  • Climate Resilience in Natural Ecosystems in India:​ Technology Adoption and the Use of Local Knowledge Processes and Systems - Prakash Rao and Yogesh Patil
  • Industrial Waste Management in the Era of Climate Change:​ A Smart Sustainable Model Based on Utilization of Passive Biomass - Yogesh Patil and Prakash Rao
  • Smart Metering and Sustainable Behavior in Low-Income Households in the Mediterranean - Ales Podgornik, Boris Sucic and Damir Stanicic
  • Transition to Low-Carbon Future in Nigeria:​ The Role of Pro-Environmental Behaviors - Oluwatosin E. Ilevbare, Maruf Sanni, Femi M. Ilevbare and Godwin A. Ali
  • Universal Metrics to Compare the Effectiveness of Climate Change Adaptation Projects - Martin Stadelmann, Axel Michaelowa, Sonja Butzengeiger-Geyer and Michel Köhler
  • Web-GIS Tools for Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Cities - Gina Cavan, Tom Butlin, Susannah Gill, Richard Kingston and Sarah Lindley