Handbook of Paleoanthropology

Editors: Henke, Winfried and Tattersall, Ian
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-3-642-39978-7
Category: Social Sciences - Anthropology
Image Count: 392
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Table of Contents

This extensive, three-volume handbook, intensively updated and enlarged, is a superb new resource for students, researchers, and practitioners in paleoanthropology. A baseline storehouse covering the full extent of current knowledge, the volume is a multilayered, comprehensive companion of inestimable value to students, academics, and working professionals alike.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface to Volume 1, Second Edition
  • Preface to Volume 2, Second Edition
  • Preface to Volume 3, Second Edition
  • Editors
  • Contributors
  • Part I Principles, Methods, and Approaches
  • Historical Overview of Paleoanthropological Research - Winfried Henke
  • Charles Darwin, Paleoanthropology, and the Modern Synthesis - Franz M. Wuketits
  • Evolutionary Theory in Philosophical Focus - Philippe Huneman
  • The Ontogeny-Phylogeny Nexus in a Nutshell: Implications for Primatology and Paleoanthropology - Peter R. Menke
  • Principles of Taxonomy and Classification: Current Procedures for Naming and Classifying Organisms - Michael Ohl
  • Species Concepts and Speciation: Facts and Fantasies - Colin Groves
  • Quantitative Approaches to Phylogenetics - Kaila E. Folinsbee, David C. Evans, Jörg Fröbisch, Daniel R. Brooks and Linda A. Tsuji
  • Homology: A Philosophical and Biological Perspective - Olivier Rieppel
  • Chronometric Methods in Paleoanthropology - Daniel Richter and Guenther A. Wagner
  • Patterns of Diversification and Extinction - Walter Etter
  • Taphonomic and Diagenetic Processes - Gisela Grupe and Michaela Harbeck
  • Contribution of Stable Light Isotopes to Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction - Julia Lee-Thorp and Matt Sponheimer
  • The Paleoclimatic Record and Plio-Pleistocene Paleoenvironments - John Rowan and Kaye E. Reed
  • Geological Background of Early Hominid Sites in Africa - Ottmar Kullmer
  • Paleosols - Gregory Retallack
  • Quaternary Geology and Paleoenvironments - John A. Van Couvering
  • Quaternary Deposits and Paleosites - Klaus-Dieter Jäger
  • Paleoecology: An Adequate Window on the Past? - Thorolf Hardt, Peter R. Menke and Britta Hardt
  • Zoogeography: Primate and Early Hominin Distribution and Migration Patterns - Alan Turner and Hannah O’Regan
  • The Paleodemography of Extinct Hominin Populations - Janet Monge and Alan Mann
  • Hominin Paleodiets: The Contribution of Stable Isotopes - Matt Sponheimer and Julia Lee-Thorp
  • Estimation of Basic Life History Data of Fossil Hominoids - Helmut Hemmer
  • Genetics and Paleoanthropology - Jonathan Marks
  • Ancient DNA - Susanne Hummel
  • Modeling the Past: The Primatological Approach - Robert W. Sussman and Donna Hart
  • Modeling the Past: The Paleoethnological Approach - Paolo Biagi
  • Modeling the Past: Archaeology - Miriam N. Haidle
  • The Evolution of Speech and Language - Philip Lieberman and Robert C. McCarthy
  • General Principles of Evolutionary Morphology - Gabriele A. Macho
  • Virtual Anthropology and Biomechanics - Gerhard W. Weber
  • Paleopathology: Vestiges of Pathological Conditions in Fossil Human Bone - Michael Schultz and Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz
  • Microscopic Research on Fossil Human Bone - Michael Schultz and Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz
  • Investigation on Extracellular Matrix Proteins in Fossil Bone: Facts and Perspectives - Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz and Michael Schultz
  • Images in Paleoanthropology: Facing Our Ancestors - Stefan Schlager and Ursula Wittwer-Backofen
  • Prospects and Pitfalls - Jean-Jacques Hublin
  • Part II Primate Evolution and Human Origins
  • Primate Origins and Supraordinal Relationships: Morphological Evidence - Mary T. Silcox, Eric J. Sargis, Jonathan I. Bloch and Doug M. Boyer
  • Molecular Evidence on Primate Origins and Evolution - Ryan L. Raaum
  • Fossil Record of the Primates from the Paleocene to the Oligocene - Marc Godinot
  • Fossil Record of Miocene Hominoids - David R. Begun
  • The Biotic Environments of the Late Miocene Hominoids - Jordi Agustí
  • Postcranial and Locomotor Adaptations of Hominoids - Carol V. Ward
  • Hominoid Cranial Diversity and Adaptation - Alan Bilsborough and Todd C. Rae
  • Dental Adaptations of African Apes - Mark F. Teaford and Peter S. Ungar
  • Evolution of the Primate Brain - Dean Falk
  • Primate Life Histories - Elke Zimmermann and Ute Radespiel
  • Great Ape Social Systems - Angela Meder
  • Evolutionary Biology of Ape and Monkey Feeding and Nutrition - Joanna E. Lambert
  • The Hunting Behavior and Carnivory of Wild Chimpanzees - Nicholas E. Newton-Fisher
  • Cooperation, Coalition, Alliances - Charlotte K. Hemelrijk, Ivan Puga-Gonzalez and Jutta Steinhauser
  • Primate Intelligence - Richard W. Byrne
  • Theory of Mind: A Primatological Perspective - Juliane Kaminski
  • Part III Phylogeny of Hominins
  • Potential Hominoid Ancestors for Hominidae - George D. Koufos
  • Defining Hominidae - Jeffrey H. Schwartz
  • Role of Environmental Stimuli in Hominid Origins - Elisabeth S. Vrba
  • Origins of Homininae and Putative Selection Pressures Acting on the Early Hominins - Bogusław Pawłowski and Wioletta Nowaczewska
  • Origin of Bipedal Locomotion - William E. H. Harcourt-Smith
  • The Evolution of the Hominid Brain - Ralph L. Holloway
  • Analyzing Hominin Phylogeny: Cladistic Approach - David Strait, Frederick E. Grine and John G. Fleagle
  • Phylogenetic Relationships of Hominids: Biomolecular Approach - Todd R. Disotell
  • The Miocene Hominoids and the Earliest Putative Hominids - Brigitte Senut
  • The Species and Diversity of Australopiths - William H. Kimbel
  • Defining the Genus Homo - Mark Collard and Bernard Wood
  • The Earliest Putative Homo Fossils - Friedemann Schrenk, Ottmar Kullmer and Timothy Bromage
  • Homo ergaster and Its Contemporaries - Ian Tattersall
  • Defining Homo erectus - Karen L. Baab
  • Later Middle Pleistocene Homo - G. Philip Rightmire
  • Neanderthals and Their Contemporaries - Katerina Harvati
  • Homo floresiensis - Leslie C. Aiello
  • Origin of Modern Humans - Günter Bräuer
  • Population Biology and Population Genetics of Pleistocene Hominins - Alan R. Templeton
  • Dispersals of Early Humans: Adaptations, Frontiers, and New Territories - Michael Bolus
  • The Dentition of American Indians: Evolutionary Results and Demographic Implications Following Colonization from Siberia - Christy G. Turner II and G. Richard Scott
  • Overview of Paleolithic Archaeology - Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick
  • Cultural Evolution During the Middle and Late Pleistocene in Africa and Eurasia - Nicholas J. Conard
  • Evolution of Religion - Matthias Herrgen
  • Paleoanthropology and the Foundation of Ethics: Methodological Remarks on the Problem of Criteriology - Mathias Gutmann and Michael Weingarten