Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Editor: Nee andrew Yeh Ching
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-1-4471-4669-8
Category: Technology & Engineering - Engineering
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Table of Contents

The Springer Reference Work Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology provides overviews and in-depth and authoritative analyses on the basic and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and sciences across a broad spectrum of areas. These topics are commonly encountered in industries as well as in academia. Manufacturing engineering curricula across universities are now essential topics covered in major universities worldwide.

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Table of Contents

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  • Part Section I Forming and Joining: Materials Forming - Forming of Polymer and Composite Materials - Yu Suzhu
  • 1 Fundamentals of Polymers and Polymer Composite - Alok Chaurasia, Nanda Gopal Sahoo, Mian Wang, Chaobin He and Vishal Tukaram Mogal
  • 2 Properties and Applications of Polymer Nanocomposite - Alok Chaurasia, Yu Suzhu, Cheng Kuo Feng Henry, Vishal Tukaram Mogal and Sampa Saha
  • 3 Polymer Surface Treatment and Coating Technologies - Mary Gilliam
  • 4 Polymer Foam Technology - Xiao Hu, Erwin Merijn Wouterson and Ming Liu
  • Part Section II Forming and Joining: Metal Forming - Mehrdad Zarinejad
  • 5 Bulk Metal Forming Processes in Manufacturing - Ehsan Ghassemali, Xu Song, Mehrdad Zarinejad, Danno Atsushi and Ming Jen Tan
  • 6 Materials in Metal Forming - Sridhar Idapalapati, Xu Song, N. Venkata Reddy, Narasimalu Srikanth, Farshid Pahlevani, Karthic R. Narayanan and Mehrdad Zarinejad
  • 7 Roll Forming - Michael Lindgren, Jonas Edberg and Lars-Erik Lindgren
  • 8 Metal Casting - Anders E. W. Jarfors and Salem Seifeddine
  • 9 Incremental Metal Forming Processes in Manufacturing - N. Venkata Reddy, Rakesh Lingam and Jian Cao
  • 10 Combined Sheet and Bulk Forming of High Value Added Components in Manufacturing - Atsushi Danno
  • 11 Powder Processing of Bulk Components in Manufacturing - Andrew Ruys, Oana Gingu, Gabriela Sima and Saeed Maleksaeedi
  • Part Section III Forming and Joining: Materials Joining - Wei Jun and Wei Zhou
  • 12 Solid State Welding Processes in Manufacturing - Junfeng Guo
  • 13 Arc Welding - N. Kishore Babu, Mahesh Kumar Talari, Sun Zheng, Pan Dayou, S. Jerome and V. Muthupandi
  • 14 High Energy Beam Welding Processes in Manufacturing - Chen Hui-Chi, Bi Guijun and Sun Chen-Nan
  • 15 Solid State Microjoining Processes in Manufacturing - Sharon Mui Ling Nai, Murali Sarangapani and Johnny Yeung
  • 16 Process of Nanojoining - Xiaoying Qi, Tey Ju Nie and Ho Xinning
  • 17 Solder Joint Technology - Sharon Mui Ling Nai, Long Bin Tan and Cheryl Selvanayagam
  • 18 Adhesive Bonding Technology - Shantanu Bhowmik, R. Benedictus and Yu Dan
  • Part Section IV Machining and Tolerancing Systems: Machining - Sathyan Subbiah and Hongyu Zheng
  • 19 Science of Machining - Sathyan Subbiah
  • 20 Machine Tools for Machining - Irving Paul Girsang and Jaspreet Singh Dhupia
  • 21 Machining Dynamics in Manufacturing - Jeong Hoon Ko
  • 22 Machinability of Engineering Materials - Hongyu Zheng and Kui Liu
  • 23 Machining Process Monitoring - Huaizhong Li and Yun Chen
  • 24 Coolant and Lubrication in Machining - Ramesh Singh and Vivek Bajpai
  • 25 Fixed Abrasive Machining - Fu Yucan and Yang Changyong
  • 26 Loose Abrasive Machining - Takashi Sato, Swee Hock Yeo and Hamid Zarepour
  • 27 Mechanical Micro-machining - Kushendarsyah Saptaji
  • 28 Hybrid Machining Processes - Murali Meenakshi Sundaram
  • 29 Environmentally Friendly Machining - Fu Zhao and Abhay Sharma
  • 30 Simulation in Machining - Vis Madhavan
  • 31 Virtual Machining - Peiling Liu and Cheng-Feng Zhu
  • Part Section V Machining and Tolerancing Systems: Tolerancing System - Ping Ji
  • 32 Computer Aided Angular Tolerance Charting System: Implementation - Jianbin Xue and Ping Ji
  • Part Section VI Nanomanufacturing and Non-Traditional Machining: Nanomanufacturing Using Ion Beam Technology - Zong Wei Xu and Fengzhou Fang
  • 33 Introduction to Nanomanufacturing Using Ion Beam Technology - Fengzhou Fang
  • 34 State-of-the-Art for Nanomanufacturing Using Ion Beam Technology - Fengzhou Fang and Zongwei Xu
  • 35 Ion Beam Instruments Used for Nanomanufacturing - Wuxia Li and Changzhi Gu
  • 36 Ion Beam Figuring Technology - Xuhui Xie and Shengyi Li
  • 37 Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication Technology - Zongwei Xu, Fengzhou Fang and Guosong Zeng
  • 38 Nanometric Cutting of Crystal Surfaces Modified by Ion Implantation - Yunhui Chen and Fengzhou Fang
  • 39 Micro Tools Fabrication by Focused Ion Beam Technology - Wei Wu, Wanli Li, Fengzhou Fang and Zong Wei Xu
  • 40 Nano-gap Electrodes Developed Using Focused Ion Beam Technology - Takashi Nagase
  • 41 Plasma-Based Nanomanufacturing Under Atmospheric Pressure - Kazuya Yamamura and Yasuhisa Sano
  • Part Section VII Nanomanufacturing and Non-Traditional Machining: Non-Traditional Machining Processes - Hong Hocheng and Hung-Yin Tsai
  • 42 Electrical Discharge Machining Processes - Masanori Kunieda
  • 43 Chemical Mechanical Machining Process - Toshiro Doi
  • 44 Process of Laser Machining - George Chryssolouris, Panagiotis Stavropoulos and Konstantinos Salonitis
  • 45 Process of Ultrasonic Machining - Weilong Cong and Zhijian Pei
  • 46 WaterJet Machining Process - Mohamed Hashish
  • 47 Process of Biological Machining - Hong Hocheng and Umesh Jadhav
  • Part Section VIII Robotics and Automation - Guilin Yang
  • 48 Rigid-Body Motions - Zhenhua Xiong, Chungang Zhuang and Jianhua Wu
  • 49 Manipulator Kinematics - Ashitava Ghosal
  • 50 Manipulator Velocities and Static Forces - Dan Zhang, Kailiang Zhang and Andreas Müller
  • 51 Manipulator Dynamics - Shaoping Bai, Lelai Zhou and Guanglei Wu
  • 52 Trajectory Planning - Quang-Cuong Pham
  • 53 Motion Control - Chien Chern Cheah and Reza Haghighi
  • 54 Force Control - Rolf Johansson, Klas Nilsson and Anders Robertsson
  • 55 Actuation - Lorenzo Masia
  • 56 Robot Work Cell Calibration and Error Compensation - Pey Yuen Tao, Shabbir Kurbanhusen Mustafa, Guilin Yang and Masayoshi Tomizuka
  • 57 Grippers and End-Effectors - Wenjie Chen, Su Zhao and Siew Loong Chow
  • 58 Simulation and Offline Programming for Contact Operations - N. D. Vuong, T. M. Lim and G. Yang
  • 59 Parallel Robots - Yan Jin, Hélène Chanal and Flavien Paccot
  • 60 Modular Robots - I-Ming Chen
  • 61 Cable-Driven Robots - Shabbir Kurbanhusen Mustafa, Wen Bin Lim, Guilin Yang, Song Huat Yeo, Wei Lin and Sunil Kumar Agrawal
  • 62 Compliant Manipulators - Tat Joo Teo, Guilin Yang and I-Ming Chen
  • 63 Autonomous In-door Vehicles - Jun Feng Dong, Sean Efrem Sabastian, Tao Ming Lim and Yuan Ping Li
  • 64 Robotic Assembly - Heping Chen, Biao Zhang and George Zhang
  • 65 Robotic Welding - Wei Lin and Hong Luo
  • 66 Robotic Finishing - Yeow Cheng Sun and Chow Yin Lai
  • Part Section IX Additive Manufacturing and Surface Technology - Additive Manufacturing-Rapid Prototyping, Tooling & Manufacturing - David SK Wong
  • 67 Rapid Manufacturing Using FDM Systems - Allen Kreemer and Zaw Hlwan Moe
  • 68 Reverse Engineering for Additive Manufacturing - Bill Macy
  • 69 Rapid Prototyping in Manufacturing - Jesse Hanssen, Zaw Hlwan Moe, Desmond Tan and Ong Yong Chien
  • 70 Rapid Tooling in Manufacturing - Chee Kai Chua, Kah Fai Leong and Zhong Hong Liu
  • 71 Micro Prototyping and Fabrication in Manufacturing - Ian Gibson
  • 72 Micro- and Bio-Rapid Prototyping Using Drop-On-Demand 3D Printing - J. Y. H. Fuh, J. Sun, E. Q. Li, Jinlan Li, Lei Chang, G. S. Hong, Y. S. Wong and E. S. Thian
  • Part Section X Additive Manufacturing and Surface Technology: Surface Technology - Guojun Qi and Sam Zhang
  • 73 Foresight of the Surface Technology in Manufacturing - Leszek A. Dobrzański and Anna D. Dobrzanska-Danikiewicz
  • 74 Laser Surface Engineering - Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar and Indranil Manna
  • 75 Laser Surface Treatment in Manufacturing - Leszek A. Dobrzański, Anna D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, Tomasz Tański, Ewa Jonda, Aleksandra Drygała and Miroslaw Bonek
  • 76 Physical Vapor Deposition in Manufacturing - Leszek A. Dobrzański, Klaudiusz Gołombek and Krzysztof Lukaszkowicz
  • 77 Chemical Vapor Deposition in Manufacturing - Leszek A. Dobrzański, Daniel Pakula and Marcin Staszuk
  • 78 Thermal and Cold Spraying Technology in Manufacturing - Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar
  • 79 Electrochemical Processes in Manufacturing - Adnan Younis, Dewei Chu and Sean Li
  • 80 Electrochemical Deposition and Mechanical Property Enhancement of the Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Films - Chen-Kuei Chung and Wei-Tse Chang
  • 81 Magnetron Sputtering Technique - Manuel Braun
  • 82 ALD: Atomic Layer Deposition – Precise and Conformal Coating for Better Performance - Wei He
  • 83 Surface Modification of Semiconductor by Simultaneous Thermal Oxidation and Nitridation - Kuan Yew Cheong and Yew Hoong Wong
  • 84 Surface Treatments for Magnesium Alloys - Xuecheng Dong
  • 85 Thermal Stress Analysis and Characterization of Themo-Mechanical Properties of Thin Films on an Elastic Substrate - Ying Yong Hu and Wei Min Huang
  • Part Section XI Product Life Cycle and Manufacturing Simulation: Product Life Cycle and Green Manufacturing - Bin Song
  • 86 Remanufacturing and Remaining Useful Life Assessment - Hongchao Zhang, Shujie Liu, Huitian Lu, Yuanliang Zhang and Yawei Hu
  • 87 Product Design for Remanufacturing - S. S. Yang, S. K. Ong and A. Y. C. Nee
  • 88 Product Service Supply-Chain Design - Zhitao Xu, XG Ming, Tengyun Wu and Maokuan Zheng
  • 89 Remaining Life Prediction of Cores Based on Data-driven and Physical Modeling Methods - Xiang Li, Wen Feng Lu, Lianyin Zhai, Meng Joo Er and Yongping Pan
  • 90 Use of Embedded Smart Sensors in Products to Facilitate Remanufacturing - H. C. Fang, S. K. Ong and A. Y. C. Nee
  • 91 Pricing Strategies of Remanufacturing Business with Replacement Purchase - Lei Jing, Boray Huang and Xue Ming Yuan
  • 92 Diesel Engine Block Remanufacturing: Life Cycle Assessment - Hong-Chao Zhang, Tao Li, Zhichao Liu and Qiuhong Jiang
  • 93 Sustainable Value Creation in Manufacturing at Product and Process Levels: Metrics-Based Evaluation - Fazleena Badurdeen, Mohannad A. Shuaib, Tao Lu and I. S. Jawahir
  • 94 Product Characteristic Based Method for End-of-Life Product Recovery - Yen Ting Ng and Bin Song
  • 95 Life Cycle Management of LCD Televisions – Case Study - Guoqing Jin and Weidong Li
  • Part Section XII Product Life Cycle and Manufacturing Simulation: Manufacturing Simulation and Optimization - Manoj Kumar Tiwari
  • 96 Resource Scalability in Networked Manufacturing System: Social Network Analysis Based Approach - Vijaya Kumar Manupati, Goran Putnik and Manoj Kumar Tiwari
  • 97 Improved Intelligent Water Drops Optimization Algorithm for Achieving Single and Multiple Objective Job Shop Scheduling Solutions - S. H. Niu, S. K. Ong and A. Y. C. Nee
  • 98 Process Plan and Scheduling Integration for Networked Manufacturing Using Mobile-Agent Based Approach - V. K. Manupati, S. N. Dwivedi and M. K. Tiwari