Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today

Editor/Author Lawson, Russell M.
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 978-0-31-338144-7
Category: History - United States -- History
Image Count: 40
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

This essential reference examines the history, culture, and modern tribal concerns of American Indians in North America.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Russell M. Lawson
  • Section 1: People and Places
  • Borderlands: Change, Resistance, and Assimilation
  • Family: Traditional Kinship in the Modern World
  • Indian City Life
  • Indian Demographics: Definitions, Numbers, and Politics
  • Urban Indians: The Impact of Urbanization
  • Women: Changes in Identity and Power
  • Section 2: Economy and Work
  • Advertising and Indian Identity
  • American Indian Poverty in Urban Areas
  • American Indian Poverty on Reservations
  • Gaming and Casinos
  • Tourist Industry: Economic and Social Costs and Benefits
  • Tribal Economic Diversification
  • Unemployment
  • Section 3: Learning, Literacy, and Languages
  • Indian Colleges and Universities: Boarding Schools to Native American Studies
  • Indian Schools: History of Schooling Models
  • Literacy and Illiteracy
  • Native American Deaf
  • Public Education: Current Issues and Legislation
  • Red English: Language and American Indian English
  • Section 4: Health: Body and Mind, Private and Public
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Healthcare of American Indians
  • The Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Orphans
  • Psychological and Emotional Problems
  • Sexual Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Traditional Healing and Modern Medicine
  • Section 5: Ideas and Identity: Issues of Indian Identity, Spirituality, Traditional and Modern Thought
  • Cultural Preservation: Artifacts, Traditions, and Laws
  • Fake Indians: Modern Day Native American Identity
  • Historic Preservation: American Indian Inclusion and Contributions
  • Indian Mascots
  • Indian Ways of Knowing
  • Indians and Civilization: Shaping Society into the Future
  • Kennewick Man and the Controversy over Ownership of Indian Remains
  • Missionaries and the Translation of the Bible
  • Modernization of American Indian Culture
  • National Museum of the American Indian: Contributing to American Culture
  • Native Spirituality and Christianity
  • Repatriation
  • Scientists: Supporting the Development of American Indians in Science
  • Stereotypes
  • Section 6: Sovereignty and Dependence: Rights, Reservations, Recognition
  • American Indian Athletes: Individual Contributions in the Face of Challenges
  • American Indian Smoke Shops: Struggles for Economic Independence
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs: A Historical and Contemporary Mission
  • Federal Recognition
  • Federal Reservations
  • Indian Civil Rights
  • Indian Sovereignty
  • Indians and the U.S. Constitution
  • Race Relations
  • Racism
  • Reservations and College Athletics: Identifying and Nurturing Talent
  • State Recognition
  • Section 7: Law, Politics, and Conflict
  • American Indians and the Military
  • Genocide
  • Grassroots Politics: Historical and Contemporary Activism
  • Indian Tribal Courts and the U.S. Court System
  • Indian Trust Lands Managed by the Federal Government
  • Indians and Congress
  • Law Enforcement in Indian Country
  • Leadership: Formal and Informal Leadership within Tribes
  • Political Activism: Examining the Issues
  • Prisons and Indians
  • Red Power: The American Indian Movement
  • Tribal Government: Local Decision-Making and Law Enforcement
  • Section 8: American Indian Expression
  • American Indian Art: Maintaining Culture, Tradition, and Identity
  • American Indian Theater and Performance: Political, Cultural, and Artistic Empowerment
  • Film Media about Indians: Representations and Misrepresentations
  • Film Media by Indians: Native Voices
  • Fraudulent Indian Art
  • Music: Vibrant Elements of American Indian Culture
  • Print Media by Indians: Words and Ideas of American Indians
  • Section 9: Environment
  • American Indians and Solid Waste
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Racism
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Pollution
  • Preserving Habitats
  • Tribal Land Use
  • Section 10: Canadian Indians and Other Aboriginal Peoples
  • Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Government
  • Biocolonialism: Genetic Science and Aboriginal Peoples
  • Contemporary Issues of Aboriginal People in Canada
  • Human Rights of Indigenous People Worldwide
  • Missionaries to Canada's First Nations
  • Worldwide Indigenous Activism
  • The Editor and Contributors