Handbook of Career Development: International Perspectives

Editors: Arulmani, G., Bakshi, A.J. and Leong, F.T.L., et.al.
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-1-4614-9459-1
Category: Jobs & Careers
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Table of Contents

The central objective of this handbook is to draw the wisdom and experiences of different cultures together to consider both universal and specific principles for career guidance and counseling that are socially and economically relevant to contemporary challenges and issues. This book is focused on extending existing concepts to broader contexts as well as introducing new concepts relevant to the discipline of career guidance and counseling.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Author Biography, Reviewers and Contributors
  • 1 The Manifestation of Career: Introduction and Overview - Gideon Arulmani, Anuradha J. Bakshi, Frederick T. L. Leong and A. G. Watts
  • Part I New Directions in Theoretical Perspectives for Career Development and Guidance
  • Overview
  • 2 New Trends in Theory Development in Career Psychology - Mary McMahon
  • 3 Context-Resonant Systems Perspectives in Career Theory - Mary McMahon, Mark Watson and Wendy Patton
  • 4 Life Span Theory and Career Theories: Rapprochement or Estrangement? - Anuradha J. Bakshi
  • 5 Indigenous Models of Career Development and Vocational Psychology - Frederick T. L. Leong and Marina Pearce
  • 6 The Cultural Preparation Process Model and Career Development - Gideon Arulmani
  • 7 Mahatma Gandhi's Ideas for Work, Career, and Life - V. R. Devika and Gideon Arulmani
  • Part II The Person in Contexts Across the Life Span
  • Overview
  • 8 Personality and Self: Multiple Frames of Reference for Career Service Professionals - Anuradha J. Bakshi
  • 9 Parental Influences on Youth's Career Construction - Salvatore Soresi, Laura Nota, Lea Ferrari and Maria Cristina Ginevra
  • 10 The Interface between Positive Youth Development and Youth Career Development: New Avenues for Career Guidance Practice - Anuradha J. Bakshi and Jahnvee Joshi
  • 11 Mid-Career Progression and Development: The Role for Career Guidance and Counseling - Jenny Bimrose and Alan Brown
  • Part III Boom, Bust, and Suitability: Effective Career Preparation in a Volatile Labor Market
  • Overview
  • 12 Understanding the Labor Market: Implications for Career Counseling - Sachin Kumar and Gideon Arulmani
  • 13 Labor Market and Career Development in the 21st Century - Stelina Chatzichristou and Gideon Arulmani
  • 14 Career Advice and Guidance in a World Where Vocational Skills Matter - Heidi Agbenyo and Kathleen Collett
  • 15 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Career Guidance: The Interface - Helmut Zelloth
  • 16 Second Career: An Eventual Need in Today's World - Archana Jain
  • Part IV Making Our Careers Green: Work, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Justice
  • Overview
  • 17 Green Guidance - Peter Plant
  • 18 Career Guidance for Social Justice in Neoliberal Times - Ronald G. Sultana
  • 19 Educational Inequality and Social Justice: Challenges for Career Guidance - Walter Müller
  • 20 Career Guidance and Counseling in the Context of Unemployment and Vulnerability: A Case Study of South Africa - Pundy Pillay, Rènette du Toit and Marina Mayer
  • 21 Tensions in Livelihoods: A Rural Perspective - Kartik Kalyanram, Radha Gopalan and Kamakshi Kartik
  • 22 Traditional Occupations in a Modern World: Career Guidance, Livelihood Planning, and Crafts in the Context of Globalization - Anita Ratnam
  • Part V Career Services: New Directions for Practice
  • Overview
  • 23 Telling Tales: Do Narrative Approaches for Career Counseling Count? - Hazel Reid and Linden West
  • 24 Mind the Twist in the Tale: The Story as a Channel for Culture-Resonant Career Counseling - Kamini Ramachandran and Gideon Arulmani
  • 25 Enabling Culturally Sensitive Career Counseling through Critically Reflective Practice: The Role of Reflective Diaries in Personal and Professional Development - Barbara Bassot
  • 26 Online Careers Work: Colonist or Inhabitant? - Bill Law
  • 27 Career Helplines: A Resource for Career Development - Patricia Flederman and A. G. Watts
  • Part VI Innovations in Career Counseling: Services for Special Groups
  • Overview
  • 28 Special Educational Needs, Social Cognitive Environments, and Preparing for the World of Work - Sonali Nag
  • 29 “I Don't Want to Make Candles!” Supporting the Career Development Needs of Those Recovering from Mental Illnesses - Gideon Arulmani and Srinivasa Murthy
  • 30 Career Counseling among Indigenous Peoples - Glenn C. Kharkongor and Sandra Albert
  • 31 Older Women's Retrospective Narratives of Their Work and Learning Pathways - Jenny Bimrose, Mary McMahon and Mark Watson
  • 32 The Immigrant, Expatriate, and Repatriate Experience: How Career Professionals Can Smooth the Way? - Roberta A. Neault
  • 33 Should I Stay or Should I Go Home? Career Guidance with International Students - Nancy Arthur and Sarah Nunes
  • Part VII Career Services: New Directions for Assessment and Evaluation
  • Overview
  • 34 Assessment of Interest and Aptitude: A Methodologically Integrated Approach - Gideon Arulmani
  • 35 Making Meaning of Quantitative Assessment in Career Counseling through a Storytelling Approach - Mark Watson and Mary McMahon
  • 36 The Assessment of Quality of Working Life in Career Guidance and Counseling - Simon Easton and Darren Van Laar
  • 37 Evaluation of the Quality of Career Guidance Centers - Nirmala Almeida, Aziel Marques and Gideon Arulmani
  • 38 Demonstrating the Impact of Career Guidance - Bryan Hiebert, Karen Schober and Lester Oakes
  • Part VIII Career Services: New Directions for Counselor Training, Competencies, and Standards
  • Overview
  • 39 Career Counselor Competencies and Standards: Differences and Similarities across Countries - Bryan Hiebert and Roberta Neault
  • 40 Orienting Educators to Contemporary Ideas for Career Counseling: An Illustrative Example - William Borgen and Bryan Hiebert
  • 41 Training Career Practitioners: Opportunities and Challenges - Spencer G. Niles