Advances in Hospitality, Tourism, and the Services Industry: International Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age

Editor/Author Kumar, Suresh, Dhiman, Mohinder Chand and Dahiya, Ashish
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: IGI Global

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ISBN: 978-1-46-668268-9
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Tourism & Hospitality
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Table of Contents

Tourism is one of the most rapidly evolving industries of the twenty-first century. The economy of many countries all over the world depends on their ability to attract visitors and maintain a distinct edge in a highly competitive market. International Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age brings together the best practices for growth, development, and strategic management within the tourism and hospitality industries. Highlighting comparative research that explores the cross-cultural contexts and societal implications of tourism, this book is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, academics, and students interested in a contemporary approach to promoting, managing, and maximizing profitability of leisure and recreation services.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Human Resource Management and Performance in the Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 2: Impacts from Tourism Development in Langkawi Island, Malaysia
  • Chapter 3: Eco-Cultural Tourism for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of Remote Ecosystems in the Third World
  • Chapter 4: Service Providers’ Perspective about Destination Based Web-Marketing
  • Chapter 5: Managing Knowledge at Tourism Destinations
  • Chapter 6: An Investigation of E-HRM Practices in Indian Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Chapter 7: The Global Implications of Ecotourism in Emerging Economies
  • Chapter 8: An Examination of the Role of Restaurant Attributes on Patrons Dining Experience and Their Post-Purchase Intentions
  • Chapter 9: The Effects of Terrorism on Tourism and the Media's Role
  • Chapter 10: Human Resource Management and Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Chapter 11: Ways of Applying Destination Management Concepts to the Development of Internal Tourism in Uzbekistan
  • Chapter 12: An Overview of Training and Development Practices in Food and Beverage Outlets
  • Chapter 13: Understanding the Importance of Property Management Practices in Indian Hotel Industry
  • Chapter 14: Risk Perceptions of International Female Tourists in India
  • Chapter 15: Gender Equality Policies in Indian Hotel Industry
  • Chapter 16: Human Resource Management in Indian Hospitality Industry
  • Compilation of References
  • About the Contributors