Global Health Nursing in the 21st Century

Editor: Breakey, Suellen
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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ISBN: 978-0-82-611871-4
Category: Health & Medicine - Nursing
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Table of Contents

This text is designed specifically for nurses and nursing students who have an interest in global health as a specialty, regardless of experience or education level. It reflects both the unique contributions of the nursing profession and of other disciplines, which is in keeping with the editors’ perspective on how to bring about lasting change.

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Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • UNIT I: FOUNDATIONS OF GLOBAL NURSING - Suellen Breakey and Patrice K. Nicholas
  • Preface - Suellen Breakey and Patrice K. Nicholas
  • 1: Global Health and Global Nursing - Patrice K. Nicholas and Suellen Breakey
  • 2: Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Environmental Health Issues - Patrice K. Nicholas, Suellen Breakey, Shira Winter, Eleonor Pusey-Reid, and Ana M. Viamonte-Ros
  • 3: A Foundation for Global Health, The Lancet Report on Health Professionals for a New Century: An Interview With Dean Julio Frenk - Patrice K. Nicholas
  • Commentary - Shira Winter, Holly Fulmer, Suellen Breakey, and Patrice K. Nicholas
  • 4: Global Health Ethics - Suellen Breakey and Linda A. Evans
  • 5: Health, Human Rights, and Social Justice: An Interview With Paul Farmer and Sheila Davis - Patrice K. Nicholas
  • Commentary - Suellen Breakey, Patrice K. Nicholas, Shira Winter, Nancy L. Meedzan, and Inge B. Corless
  • 6: The Intersection of Global Health and Community/Public Health Nursing - Karen Anne Wolf
  • 7: Global Health Partnerships - Anne Sliney
  • Preface - Nancy L. Meedzan
  • 8: The Importance of Water for Global Nursing - Suzanne S. Prevost and Tabatha Dye
  • 9: Access to Clean Water and the Impact on Global Health: An Interview With Gary White, CEO and Cofounder, - Nancy L. Meedzan, Patrice K. Nicholas, Suellen Breakey, and Inge B. Corless
  • Commentary - Nancy L. Meedzan, Suellen Breakey, Patrice K. Nicholas, Shira Winter, and Inge B. Corlesss
  • 10: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Nursing Profession in Sub-Saharan Africa - Busisiwe Rosemary Bhengu and Busisiwe P. Ncama
  • 11: Vulnerable Populations: Ethical Issues in HIV Care - Carol Dawson-Rose and Denise Kelsey Wishner
  • 12: The Role of Midwives and Nurses in Reducing Global Maternal Mortality Around the World and in Haiti - Erin George
  • 13: Violence Against Women - Annie Lewis O'Connor, Karen A. Conley, and Suellen Breakey
  • 14: Sex Trafficking as a New Pandemic - Mary de Chesnay
  • 15: Complex Issues in Conflict Areas - Antonia Makosky
  • 16: Mental Health of Asylum Seekers - Jayden Nadeau, Patrice K. Nicholas, and Susan Stevens
  • 17: Childhood Malnutrition in India - Diane E. Hazel, Elissa C. Ladd, and Ansuya Begre
  • 18: End-of-Life Care in a Global Health Context - Inge B. Corless, Rana Limbo, Regina Szylit Bousso, and Kim Rochon
  • Preface - Inge B. Corless
  • 19: Expanding Access to Address Priority Health Needs in Low-Resource Settings - Deborah von Zinkernagel, John Palen, and Avril Kaplan
  • 20: The Challenges of International Nurse Migration: Seeking Global Solutions - Carol L. Huston
  • 21: Nursing Leadership in Interprofessional Education - Nancy Hoffart, Elizabeth J. Brown, and Susan E. Farrell
  • 22: The Importance of Continuing Education in Global Health Nursing - Lynda Tyer-Viola
  • 23: Nursing Education and Practice in China and Thailand - Puangtip Chaiphibalsarisdi, Bridget E. Meedzan, Patrice K. Nicholas, and Nancy L. Meedzan
  • 24: Professional Nursing Education in South Africa - Hester C. Klopper and Leana R. Uys
  • 25: Cultural Immersion Experiences in Nursing Education - Nancy L. Meedzan
  • 26: Working Globally With Faith-Based Organizations - Teri Lindgren, Sally Rankin, and Ellen Schell
  • 27: Global Nursing Issues in China: A Partnership of Boston Children's Hospital and Shanghai Children's Medical Center - Patricia A. Hickey, Jianhua Lou, and Lily Hsu
  • 28: Developing a Sustainable Model for Cardiovascular Care in Rwanda - Ceeya Patton-Bolman, Noella Bigirimana, and Julie Carragher
  • 29: Dreyfus Health Foundation: Advancing the Future of Global Health Nursing - Pamela Hoyt-Hudson, Hsin-Ling Tsai, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, and Barry H. Smith
  • 30: The Fulbright Scholar Program and Nursing in Southern Africa - R. Kevin Mallinson
  • 31: Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Global Health Research - Ann Kurth, Allison Squires, Michele Shedlin, and James Kiarie