The Maya and Their Central American Neighbors

Editor: Braswell, Geoffrey E
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-0-415-74486-7
Category: Geography
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Table of Contents

With a focus on settlement pattern analyses, architectural studies, and ceramic analyses, this ground breaking book provides a broad view of this important relationship allowing readers to understand ancient perceptions about the natural and built environment, the role of power, the construction of historical narrative, trade and exchange, multiethnic interaction in pluralistic frontier zones, the origins of settled agricultural life, and the nature of systemic collapse.

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Table of Contents

  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • List of contributors
  • 1 The ancient Maya and their Central American neighbors - Geoffrey E. Braswell
  • PART I El Salvador and Honduras
  • 2 Practices of spatial discourse at Quelepa - Wendy Ashmore
  • 3 Ancient Quelepa, colonial San Miguel: shifting cultural frontiers and rogue colonialism in eastern El Salvador - Kathryn Sampeck
  • 4 Shifting fortunes and affiliations on the edge of ruin: a ceramic perspective on the Classic Maya collapse and its aftermath at Copan - Cassandra R. Bill
  • PART II The highlands of Guatemala
  • 5 The other Preclassic Maya: interaction, growth, and depopulation in the eastern Kaqchikel highlands - Geoffrey E. Braswell and Eugenia J. Robinson
  • 6 The other Late Classic Maya: regionalization, defense, and boundaries in the central Guatemalan highlands - Eugenia J. Robinson
  • PART III The southern Maya lowlands
  • 7 A tangled web: ceramic adoption in the Maya lowlands and community interaction in the early Middle Preclassic as seen in the K'awil complex from Holmul, Peten, Guatemala - Niña Neivens de Estrada
  • 8 The royal port of Cancuen and the role of long-distance exchange in the apogee of Maya civilization - Arthur A. Demarest
  • 9 Real/fictive lords/vessels: a list of MARI lords on the newly discovered Andrews Coffee Mug - Markus Eberl
  • PART IV The eastern periphery of Belize
  • 10 The dynastic history and archaeology of Pusilha, Belize - Christian M. Prager, Beniamino Volta, and Geoffrey E. Braswell
  • 11 Follow the leader: Fine Orange pottery systems in the Maya lowlands - James J. Aimers
  • PART V Yucatan
  • 12 The role and realities of popol nahs in northern Maya archaeology - George J. Bey III and Rossana May Ciau
  • 13 Alternative narratives and missing data: refining the chronology of Chichen Itza - Beniamino Volta and Geoffrey E. Braswell
  • PART VI Before and beyond: a comparative perspective
  • 14 Peer-polity interaction in the Norte Chico, Peru, 3000-1800 BC - Winifred Creamer, Jonathan Haas, and Allen Rutherford