Routledge Advances in Sociology: The Rise of Critical Animal Studies

Editors: Taylor, Nik and Twine, Richard
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-0-415-85857-1
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
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Table of Contents

The Rise of Critical Animal Studies demonstrates the centrality of the contribution of critical animal studies to vitally important contemporary debates and considers future directions for the field.

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Table of Contents

  • List of illustrations
  • List of contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: locating the ‘critical’ in critical animal studies - NIK TAYLOR AND RICHARD TWINE
  • PART I: Engaging theory
  • 1 Beyond speciesism: intersectionality, critical sociology and the human domination of other animals - ERIKA CUDWORTH
  • 2 From centre to margins and back again: critical animal studies and the reflexive human self - KAY PEGGS
  • 3 Vegans on the verge of a nervous breakdown - SARA SALIH
  • PART II: Doing critical animal studies
  • 4 Listening to voices: on the pleasures and problems of studying human-animal relationships - LYNDA BIRKE
  • 5 Studying perpetrators of socially-sanctioned violence against animals through the I/eye of the CAS scholar - JESSICA GRöLING
  • 6 Doing critical animal studies differently: reflexivity and intersectionality in practice - NATHAN STEPHENS GRIFFIN
  • PART III: Critical animal studies and anti-capitalism
  • 7 Labourers or lab tools? Rethinking the role of lab animals in clinical trials - JONATHAN L. CLARK
  • 8 The cultural hegemony of meat and the animal industrial complex - AMYE J. FITZGERALD AND NIK TAYLOR
  • 9 Mapping non-human resistance in the age of biocapital - AGNIESZKA KOWALCZYK
  • PART IV: Contesting the human, liberating the animal: veganism and activism
  • 10 ‘The greatest cause on earth’: the historical formation of veganism as an ethical practice - MATTHEW COLE
  • 11 On the limits of food autonomy - rethinking choice and privacy - STEPHANIE JENKINS NAD RICHARD TWINE
  • 12 The radical debate: a straw man in the movement? - CAROL S. GLASSER
  • Conclusion: future directions for critical animal studies - HELENA PEDERSEN AND VASILE STANESCU