Structural Approaches in Public Health

Editors: Sommer, Marni and Parker, Richard
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-0-415-50085-2
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
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Table of Contents

This comprehensive text brings together a selection of internationally-recognised authors to provide an overview for students and practitioners working in or concerned with public health around the globe.

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Table of Contents

  • List of illustrations
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of contributors
  • 1 Introduction: structural approaches in public health - MARNI SOMMER AND RICHARD PARKER
  • PART 1 Defining structural factors
  • 2 The history of structural approaches in public health - JAMES COLGROVE, AMY FAIRCHILD, AND DAVID ROSNER
  • 3 Social inequalities and public health - RUTH BELL, PETER GOLDBLATT, AND MICHAEL MARMOT
  • 4 Embracing complexity: toward platforms for integrated health and social service delivery - ANDREW ELLNER, CHRISTINE PACE, SCOTT LEE, JONATHAN L. WEIGEL, AND PAUL FARMER
  • 5 Ideological barriers to structural interventions: toward a model of values-based interventions - MICHAEL SWEAT AND KEVIN O'REILLY
  • 6 Getting the balance right: agency and structure in HIV prevention - PETER AGGLETON, JEAN SHOVELLER, KATE SHANNON, THOMAS KERR, AND ROD KNIGHT
  • PART 2 Designing and implementing structural interventions
  • 7 Integrating water and sanitation interventions for health: a case study from eThekwini Municipality - ELISA ROMA, NEIL MACLEOD, AND CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY
  • 8 City planning as a structural determinant of health: toward healthy urban governance in the century of the city - JASON CORBURN
  • 9 The 100% Condom Use Programme: a structural intervention to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections in Asia - WIWAT ROJANAPITHAYAKORN AND RICHARD STEEN
  • 10 The Sonagachi/Durbar Programme: a prototype of a community-led structural intervention for HIV prevention - DALLAS SWENDEMAN AND SMARAJIT JANA
  • 11 Breaking the links: legal and paralegal assistance to reduce health risks of police and pre-trial detention of sex workers and people who use drugs - DANIEL WOLFE, JONATHAN COHEN, HEATHER DOYLE, AND TATYANA MARGOLIN
  • 12 Structured environments and dietary-related chronic diseases - DEBORAH A. COHEN
  • 13 Structural approaches for unintentional injury prevention - ADNAN A. HYDER AND JEFFREY C. LUNNEN
  • PART 3 Evaluating structural interventions
  • 14 Evaluating structural interventions in public health: challenges, options and global best practice - PAUL PRONYK, JENNIFER SCHAEFER, MARIE-ANDRÉE SOMERS, AND LORI HEISE
  • 15 Developing and evaluating structural-environmental interventions to reduce HIV risk among female sex workers and their sexual partners in the Dominican Republic - DEANNA KERRIGAN, CLARE BARRINGTON, AND LUIS MORENO
  • 16 Helmet Day! Structural intervention and strategic learning in Vietnam - MARY BYRNE MCDONNELL AND ALYSON METZGER
  • 17 Ending the tobacco epidemic: from the genetic to the global level - JONATHAN M. SAMET AND HEATHER L. WIPFLI
  • 18 Social policy interventions and health - CELINA SU AND PETER MUENNIG