Teen Health Series: Diet Information for Teens

Editor/Author Jones, Keith
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-7808-1386-1
Category: Health & Medicine - Medicine
Image Count: 16
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

Diet Information for Teens, 4th Edition, provides information about healthy eating patterns. It discusses essential components of a well-constructed diet, explains the importance of major food groups in maintaining good health, and discusses dietary elements that may need to be limited.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: Nutrition Fundamentals
  • Chapter 1—Dietary Guidelines
  • Chapter 2—Understanding Calories
  • Chapter 3—Understanding The Food Label
  • Chapter 4—Grains
  • Chapter 5—Vegetables
  • Chapter 6—Fruits
  • Chapter 7—The Dairy Group
  • Chapter 8—The Protein Group
  • Chapter 9—Oils
  • Chapter 10—Empty Calories
  • Chapter 11—Water: Meeting Your Daily Fluid Needs
  • Part Two: Vitamins And Minerals
  • Chapter 12—Vitamin A And Carotenoids
  • Chapter 13—B Vitamins
  • Chapter 14—Vitamin C
  • Chapter 15—Vitamin D
  • Chapter 16—Vitamin E
  • Chapter 17—Vitamin K
  • Chapter 18—Calcium
  • Chapter 19—Iron
  • Chapter 20—Magnesium
  • Chapter 21 —Zinc
  • Chapter 22—Other Important Minerals
  • Chapter 23—Multivitamin And Mineral (MVM) Dietary Supplements
  • Chapter 24—What You Need To Know About Dietary Supplements
  • Part Three: Other Elements Inside Food
  • Chapter 25—Sodium: Salt By Any Name
  • Chapter 26—Carbohydrates
  • Chapter 27—Sugars / Syrups (Added Sugars)
  • Chapter 28—Sugar Substitutes (High-Intensity Sweeteners)
  • Chapter 29—Which Fats Are Which?
  • Chapter 30—Food Ingredients, Additives, And Colors
  • Part Four: Smart Eating Plans
  • Chapter 31 —MyPlate Nutrition Guide: Building a Healthy Plate
  • Chapter 32—Eating Well To Live Well
  • Chapter 33—Food Shopping Tips
  • Chapter 34—Eating Well While Eating Out
  • Chapter 35—Fast-Food Alternatives
  • Chapter 36—Eating In The School Cafeteria
  • Chapter 37—Healthy Snacking
  • Chapter 38—What You Should Know About Caffeine And Energy Drinks
  • Chapter 39—Sports Supplements
  • Chapter 40—Healthy Eating For Vegans And Vegetarians
  • Part Five: Eating And Weight-Related Concerns
  • Chapter 41—Body Mass Index For Teens
  • Chapter 42—What's The Right Weight For My Height?
  • Chapter 43—Body Image And Self-Esteem
  • Chapter 44—Weight-Loss And Nutrition Myths
  • Chapter 45—Choosing A Safe And Successful Weight-Loss Program
  • Chapter 46—Should I Gain Weight?
  • Chapter 47—Health Fraud Awareness
  • Chapter 48—Physical Activity And Health
  • Chapter 49—Reduce Screen Time
  • Part Six: Eating And Disease
  • Chapter 50—Disease Prevention Through Good Eating Habits
  • Chapter 51—Heart Healthy Eating
  • Chapter 52—The Childhood Obesity Problem
  • Chapter 53—Dealing With Celiac Disease
  • Chapter 54—Dealing With Diabetes
  • Chapter 55—Dealing With Food Allergies
  • Chapter 56—Dealing With Lactose Intolerance
  • Chapter 57—Understanding Food borne Illness
  • Chapter 58—Understanding Eating Disorders
  • Part Seven: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 59—Cooking Tips And Resources
  • Chapter 60—Eat Smart And Be Active As You Grow—Tips For Teen Guys
  • Chapter 61—Eat Smart And Be Active As You Grow—Tips For Teen Girls
  • Chapter 62—Resources For Dietary Information
  • Chapter 63—Resources For Fitness Information