Health Reference Series: Medical Tests Sourcebook

Editor: Jones, Keith
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-78-081382-3
Category: Health & Medicine - Medicine
Image Count: 23
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

Medical Tests Sourcebook, 5th Edition, provides information about screening, diagnostic, and disease-monitoring procedures, including the screening, laboratory, and imaging tests used for specific conditions.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part I: Medical Tests for Healthy Living
  • Chapter 1—Regular Health Exams Are Important
  • Chapter 3—Questions about Medical Tests
  • Part II: Screening and Preventive Care Tests
  • Chapter 4—Newborn Screening Tests
  • Chapter 5—Preventive Care for Children and Adolescents
  • Chapter 6—Preventive Care and Screening Test Guidelines for Adults
  • Chapter 7—Screening Tests for Women
  • Chapter 8—Preventive Care and Screening for Seniors
  • Chapter 9—Genetic Testing.
  • Chapter 10—Screening Tests for Immigrants and Refugees
  • Part III: Laboratory Tests
  • Chapter 11—Understanding Laboratory Tests
  • Chapter 12—Lead Screening Test
  • Chapter 13—Common Blood Tests
  • Chapter 14—Biopsies
  • Chapter 15—Bone Marrow Tests
  • Chapter 16—Stool Tests.
  • Chapter 17—Strep Throat Test
  • Part IV: Imaging Tests and Risks
  • Chapter 18—Medical X-Ray Imaging
  • Chapter 19—Risks of Medical Imaging.
  • Chapter 20—Radiography
  • Chapter 21—Contrast Radiography
  • Chapter 22—Ultrasound Imaging…
  • Chapter 23—Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
  • Chapter 24—Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan
  • Chapter 25—Nuclear Heart Scan
  • Chapter 26—Coronary Calcium Scan
  • Chapter 27—Mammography
  • Chapter 28—Pediatric X-Ray Imaging..
  • Chapter 29—Fluoroscopy
  • Part V: Catheterization, Endoscopic, and Electrical Tests and Assessments
  • Chapter 30—Cardiac Catheterization
  • Chapter 31—Endoscopic Procedures
  • Chapter 32—Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE)
  • Chapter 33—Electrocardiograms (EKG) and Holter and Event Monitors
  • Part VI: Screening and Assessments for Specific Conditions and Diseases
  • Chapter 34—Allergy Testing
  • Chapter 35—Asthma Testing
  • Chapter 36—Bladder and Kidney Function Tests
  • Chapter 37—Cancer Screening Tests
  • Chapter 38—Cancer Screening Tests for Women…
  • Chapter 39—Cancer Screening Tests for Men
  • Chapter 40—Celiac Disease Tests
  • Chapter 41—Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Tests
  • Chapter 42—Diagnostic Tests for Diabetes and Prediabetes
  • Chapter 43—Heart and Vascular Disease Screening and Diagnostic Tests..
  • Chapter 44—Infectious Disease Testing
  • Chapter 45—Lung Function Tests
  • Chapter 46—Sleep Disorder Tests
  • Chapter 47—Thyroid and Other Endocrine Tests..
  • Chapter 48—Vision Tests
  • Chapter 49—Balance (Vestibular) Disorder Tests
  • Part VII: Home and Self-Ordered Tests
  • Chapter 50—Overview of Home and Self-Ordered Tests
  • Chapter 51—Cholesterol Home Testing
  • Chapter 52—Drugs of Abuse Home-Use Test
  • Chapter 53—Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
  • Chapter 54—Hepatitis C Home Test
  • Chapter 55—HIV Home Test
  • Chapter 56—Menopause Home Test
  • Chapter 57—Fecal Occult Blood Test
  • Chapter 58—Gynecological Concerns Home Tests
  • Part VIII: Additional Help and Information
  • Chapter 59—Glossary of Terms Related to Medical Tests
  • Chapter 60—Online Health Screening Tools
  • Chapter 61—Directory of Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Programs
  • Chapter 62—Organizations with Resources for People Undergoing Medical Tests