Teen Health Series: Drug Information for Teens

Editor: Jones, Keith
Publication Year: 2015
Publisher: Omnigraphics, Inc.

Price: Core Collection Only
ISBN: 978-0-7808-1358-8
Category: Health & Medicine - Health
Image Count: 20
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

This resource provides health tips about drug use, abuse, and addiction, the physical and mental health effects of drugs and chemicals that are commonly abused, and the types of treatment available.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part One: General Information About Addiction And Substance Abuse
  • Chapter 1—The Science Of Addiction
  • Chapter 2—Risk Factors For Addiction
  • Chapter 3—How Drugs Affect The Brain
  • Chapter 4—Preventing Drug Abuse
  • Chapter 5—Peer Pressure: Its Influence On Teens And Decision Making
  • Chapter 6—Drug Use Among U.S. Teens
  • Chapter 7—The Controlled Substances Act
  • Part Two: Alcohol
  • Chapter 8—Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse
  • Chapter 9—Recent Trends in Underage Drinking
  • Chapter 10—Underage Drinking: Reasons, Risks, And Prevention
  • Chapter 11 —Drinking Too Much Can Kill You
  • Chapter 12—Binge Drinking
  • Chapter 13—Questions And Answers About Alcoholism
  • Chapter 14—Alcohol Use And Health Risks
  • Chapter 15—A Family History Of Alcoholism
  • Chapter 16—Coping With An Alcoholic Parent
  • Part Three: Tobacco, Nicotine, And E-Cigarettes
  • Chapter 17—Tobacco And Nicotine Addiction
  • Chapter 18—Child And Teen Tobacco Use
  • Chapter 19—E-Cigarettes
  • Chapter 20—Smoking's Immediate Effects On The Body
  • Chapter 21—Health Harms From Smoking And Other Tobacco Use
  • Chapter 22—Facts About Smoking Cessation
  • Chapter 23—How Can I Quit Smoking?
  • Part Four: Marijuana
  • Chapter 24—What Is Marijuana?
  • Chapter 25—Marijuana Abuse Among U.S. Teens
  • Chapter 26—Health Effects Of Marijuana
  • Chapter 27—Marijuana Abuse And Mental Illness
  • Chapter 28—Spice (Synthetic Marijuana)
  • Chapter 29—Medical Marijuana And The Law
  • Part Five: Abuse Of Legally Available Substances
  • Chapter 30—Facts About The Abuse Of Prescription And Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medications
  • Chapter 31 —Trends In The Abuse Of Prescription And OTC Medications Among U.S. Teens
  • Chapter 32—Commonly Abused Pain Relievers
  • Chapter 33—Commonly Abused Depressant Medications
  • Chapter 34—Commonly Abused Prescription Stimulants
  • Chapter 35—The Abuse Of Cold And Cough Medicines
  • Chapter 36—Anabolic Steroids And Sports Supplements
  • Chapter 37—Caffeine
  • Chapter 38—Inhalant Abuse
  • Part Six: Abuse Of Illegal Substances
  • Chapter 39—Club Drugs
  • Chapter 40—Hallucinogens
  • Chapter 41—Stimulants: An Overview
  • Chapter 42—Bath Salts
  • Chapter 43—Cocaine And Khat
  • Chapter 44—Methamphetamine
  • Chapter 45—Opiates: Heroin, Methadone, And Buprenorphine
  • Part Seven: Other Drug-Related Health Concerns
  • Chapter 46—The Medical Consequences Of Drug Abuse
  • Chapter 47—Substance Abuse And Mental Illness
  • Chapter 48—Substance Abuse And Suicide Risks
  • Chapter 49—Drug Use And Infectious Diseases
  • Chapter 50—Drug Use And Pregnancy
  • Chapter 51—Substance Abuse In The Military
  • Chapter 52—Drug Use And Violence
  • Chapter 53—Drugged/Drunk Driving
  • Part Eight: Treatment For Addiction
  • Chapter 54—Dealing With Addiction
  • Chapter 55—Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Chapter 56—Helping A Friend With A Substance Abuse Problem
  • Part Nine: If You Need More Information
  • Chapter 57—National Organizations For Drug Information
  • Chapter 58—Substance Abuse Hotlines And Helplines
  • Chapter 59—State-By-State List Of Alcohol And Drug Referral Phone Numbers