Renewable Energy Systems

Editors: Kaltschmitt, M., Themelis, N.J. and Bronicki, L.Y.,
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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Table of Contents

Renewable Energy Systems provides an authoritative introduction to a wide variety of renewable energy sources. State-of-the-art coverage includes geothermal power stations, ocean energy, renewable energy from biomass, waste to energy, and wind power.

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Table of Contents

  • Sections
  • List of Contributors
  • Glossary Terms
  • A
  • Algae, a New Biomass Resource - Cinzia Formighieri and Roberto Bassi
  • B
  • Biodiesel - Martin Mittelbach
  • Bioethanol from Celluloses - Mats Galbe and Guido Zacchi
  • Bioethanol from Starch - Anton Friedl
  • Bioethanol from Sugar: The Brazilian Experience - Suani Teixeira Coelho, Regiane Gorren, Patricia Guardabassi, Renata Grisoli and José Goldemberg
  • Biofuels: A Technical, Economic and Environmental Comparison - Franziska Mueller-Langer, Stefan Majer and Anastasios Perimenis
  • Biofuels: Upgraded New Solids - Marco Klemm, Ralf Schmersahl, Claudia Kirsten and Nadja Weller
  • Biogas for Electricity Generation, Hi-tech Applications - Frank Scholwin and Michael Nelles
  • Biogas Production and Energy Crops - Christoph Strauß, Armin Vetter and A. Von Felde
  • Biogas Production, Developing Countries - Heinz-Peter Mang, Zifu Li, Martina Mantopi de Porres Lebofa, Elisabeth-Maria Huba, Dishna Schwarz, Roland Schnell, Nguyen Gia Luong, Christopher Kellner and Johannes Selke
  • Biogas Substrates from Municipalities and Industries - Ulrike Seyfert and Daniela Thrän
  • Biomass as Renewable Source of Energy, Possible Conversion Routes - Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Biomass Combustion for Electricity Generation - Andreas Wiese
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision for Cooking and Heating in Developing Countries - Ralph P. Overend
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Large-Scale Systems - Ingwald Obernberger and Friedrich Biedermann
  • Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Small-Scale Systems - Hans Hartmann and Volker Lenz
  • Biomass Energy Small-Scale Combined Heat and Power Systems - Daniel Büchner and Volker Lenz
  • Biomass Gasification for Electricity and Fuels, Large Scale - Hermann Hofbauer
  • Biomass Gasification for Rural Electrification, Small Scale - Marco Klemm
  • Biomass Production - Michaela Ernst, Achim Walter and Ulrich Schurr
  • Biomass Provision and Use, Sustainability Aspects - Daniela Thrän and Marek Gawor
  • Biomass Pyrolysis - Andreas Hornung
  • Biomass Resources, Worldwide - André Faaij
  • Biomass to Liquid (BtL), Concepts and Their Assessment - Franziska Mueller-Langer and Niels Jungbluth
  • Biomass Use on a Global Scale - Ausilio Bauen and Raphael Slade
  • Biomethane from Anaerobic Processes - Frank Scholwin and Jörgen Held
  • Biosynthetic Natural Gas - Michael Seiffert and Stefan Rönsch
  • C
  • Co-combustion of Wood in Coal-Fired Large-Scale Power Plants - Egbert Broßmann, Martin Kaltschmitt and Marc Koch
  • E
  • Electricity Generation with Small Wind Turbines - G. J. W. van Bussel
  • Engineered Geothermal Systems, Development and Sustainability of - Roy Baria, L. Mortimer and G. Beardsmore
  • G
  • Gasification and Liquefaction Alternatives to Incineration in Japan - Kunio Yoshikawa
  • Geothermal Energy Utilization - John W. Lund
  • Geothermal Energy, Geology and Hydrology of - William E. Glassley
  • Geothermal Energy, Nature, Use, and Expectations - Barry Goldstein, Gerardo Hiriart, Jeff Tester, Luis Gutierrez-Negrin, Ruggero Bertani, Christopher Bromley, Ernst Huenges, Arni Ragnarsson, Mike Mongillo, John W. Lund, Ladislaus Rybach, Vladimir Zui and Hirofumi Muraoka
  • Geothermal Field and Reservoir Monitoring - Trevor M. Hunt
  • Geothermal Power Capacity, Sustainability and Renewability of - Subir K. Sanyal
  • Geothermal Power Conversion Technology - Lucien Y. Bronicki
  • Geothermal Power Economics - Subir K. Sanyal
  • Geothermal Power Stations, Introduction to - Lucien Y. Bronicki
  • Geothermal Resources Worldwide, Direct Heat Utilization of - John W. Lund
  • Geothermal Resources, Drilling for - John T. Finger
  • Geothermal Resources, Environmental Aspects of - Trevor M. Hunt
  • Global Wind Power Installations - Thomas Ackermann and Rena Kuwahata
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction by Waste-to-Energy - Bernd Bilitewski and Christoph Wünsch
  • H
  • Hitachi Zosen Inova Technology - Craig Kedrowski and Peter Chromec
  • Hydrogen from Biomass - Ralf Schmersahl, Marco Klemm, Ruth Brunstermann and Renatus Widmann
  • Hydrothermal Systems, Geochemistry of - David Nieva, Rosa María Barragán and Víctor Arellano
  • I
  • Incinerator Grate Combustion Phenomena - J. Swithenbank and Vida N. Sharifi
  • L
  • Life Cycle Comparison of Waste-to-Energy to Sanitary Landfill - P. Ozge Kaplan, Joseph F. DeCarolis and Morton A. Barlaz
  • Lignocellulosic Energy Crops, Production and Provision - Iris Lewandowski
  • M
  • Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Environmental Challenges - Andrea E. Copping
  • Martin Waste-to-Energy Technology - Johannes J. E. Martin and Ralf Koralewska
  • Meterology and Wind Power - Erik Lundtang Petersen and Peter Hauge Madsen
  • O
  • Ocean Energy, Introduction - Luis A. Vega
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion - Luis A. Vega
  • Offshore Wind Energy Technology Trends, Challenges, and Risks - James F. Manwell
  • Offshore Wind Power - Göran Dalén
  • P
  • Plant Oil Fuels Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - Klaus Thuneke
  • Plasma-Assisted Waste-to-Energy Processes - Nickolas J. Themelis and Armelle M. Vardelle
  • R
  • Renewable Energy from Biomass, Introduction - Martin Kaltschmitt
  • Reservoir Engineering in Geothermal Fields - Enrique Lima, Hiroyuki Tokita and Hideki Hatanaka
  • S
  • Solid Biofuels, Fuels and Their Characteristics - Hans Hartmann
  • T
  • Thermal Treatment of Waste: Key Element for Sustainable Waste Management - Paul H. Brunner
  • Tidal Energy - Ian G. Bryden
  • W
  • Waste Management for Sustainable Society - Brian Bahor and Michael Van Brunt
  • Waste-to-Energy Ash Management in Europe - Juergen Vehlow
  • Waste-to-Energy Ash Management in the United States - Floyd Hasselriis
  • Waste-to-Energy Facilities as Power Plants - M. A. J. (Marcel) van Berlo
  • Waste-to-Energy for District Heating - Lasse Tobiasen and Bettina Kamuk
  • Waste-to-Energy using Refuse-Derived Fuel - Floyd Hasselriis and Patrick F. Mahoney
  • Waste-to-Energy, Introduction - Nickolas J. Themelis
  • Waste-to-Energy: Decreasing the Entropy of Solid Wastes and Increasing Metal Recovery - Helmut Rechberger
  • Waste-to-Energy: Energy Resource in Solid Wastes - Dieter O. Reimann
  • Waste-to-Energy: Fluidized Bed Technology - Franz P. Neubacher
  • Wind Power Balancing - Lennart Söder and Hannele Holttinen
  • Wind Power Generator Systems and Local Power System Interconnection - Torbjörn Thiringer
  • Wind Power Grid Integration: Transmission Planning - Dale Osborn
  • Wind Power, Aerodynamics and Blade Technology - Martin O. L. Hansen
  • Wind Power, Introduction - Lennart Söder
  • Wind Power: Basic Challenge Concerning Social Acceptance - Maarten Wolsink
  • Wind Power: Economy, Market, Subsidies, Payment Mechanisms, and Capacity Credit - Michael Milligan, Lori Bird, Suzanne Tegen, Kevin Porter, Sari Fink and Brendan Kirby
  • Wind Turbine Noise Emissions - Karl Bolin and Mats Åbom