Handbook of Sustainable Engineering

Editor/Author Kauffman, Joanne and Lee, Kun Mo
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media

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ISBN: 978-1-4020-8938-1
Category: Technology & Engineering - Engineering
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Table of Contents

The Handbook of Sustainable Engineering equips readers with the context and the best practices derived from both academic research and practical examples of successful implementations of sustainable technical solutions.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • About the Editors
  • List Of Contributors
  • Section I Education and Outreach
  • 1 Education and Outreach: Introduction - Roger Baud
  • 2 Blueprints for Teaching Ecodesign and Sustainability to University Students - Charles Pezeshki, Jitesh H. Panchal and Gaurav Ameta
  • 3 Ecodesign in Swiss Machining Industry: A Collaborative Learning Process for Effective Outreach and Education - Rainer Züst
  • 4 Implementing New Teaching Models at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Jeffrey I. Steinfeld and Amanda Graham
  • 5 Teaching Old Disciplines New Tricks: Sustainable Engineering Education - Carolyn S. Mattick and Braden R. Allenby
  • 6 Youth Encounter on Sustainability: A Transdisciplinary, Multicultural, and Immersive Education Program - Michelle Grant
  • 7 Transdisciplinary Approaches to Engineering R&D: Importance of Understanding Values and Culture - Alan Colin Brent
  • Section II Water
  • 8 Sustainable Water: Introduction - Keith R. Cooper
  • 9 Chlorine Self-Production Plant Solution for Effluent Water to be Used in Irrigation in Gaza Strip - Andrea Micangeli, Nicola Iannuzzo and Stefano Esposto
  • 10 Fundamental Toxicology Methods and Resources for Assessing Water-related Contamination - Keith R. Cooper
  • 11 Micro Hydro in Emergency Situations: A Sustainable Energy Solution at La Realidad (Chiapas, Mexico) - Andrea Micangeli and Mariantonietta Cataldo
  • 12 Groundwater Contamination: Role of Health Sciences in Tackling - Chiho Watanabe
  • 13 Sustainable Earth System Engineering: Incentives and Perspectives - Peter A. Wilderer, Martin Grambow and Wei Meng
  • 14 Sustainable Rehabilitation of Water Infrastructures in Southern Iraq After the Second Gulf War - Andrea Micangeli, Simone Grego and Stefano Esposto
  • 15 Sustainable Water Management in Response to Global Changes - Peter A. Wilderer, Martin Grambow and Wei Meng
  • Section III Sustainable Products and Sustainable Production
  • 16 Sustainable Products and Sustainable Production: Introduction - Kun-Mo Lee
  • 17 Ecodesign Strategies: A Missing Link in Ecodesign - Ferdinand Quella
  • 18 Environmental Quality Function Deployment for Sustainable Products - Keijiro Masui
  • 19 Green PCB Manufacturing Technologies - K. C. Yung
  • 20 Eco-Packaging Development: Integrated Design Approaches - Fabio Giudice
  • 21 Material Flow Cost Accounting: Significance and Practical Approach - Katsuhiko Kokubu and Hiroshi Tachikawa
  • 22 Product Life Cycle Assessment (PLCA) and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) - Kun-Mo Lee
  • 23 Remanufacturing - Mitsutaka Matsumoto and Winifred Ijomah
  • 24 Reuse of Components and Products: ``Qualified as Good as New’ - Ferdinand Quella and Fevzi Belli
  • 25 Supply Chain Management for Sustainability - Masaru Nakano
  • 26 Sustainable Design by Systematic Innovation Tools (TRIZ, CAI, SI, and Biomimetics) - Seung-Hyun Yoo
  • 27 Sustainable Product Design and Development: TPI-Based Idea Generation Method for Eco-Business Planning and Eco-Product Development - Shinsuke Kondoh and Nozomu Mishima
  • 28 Structural Complexity Management in Sustainable Engineering - W. Biedermann and Udo Lindemann
  • 29 Sustainable Production: Eco-efficiency of Manufacturing Process - Nozomu Mishima
  • Section IV Sustainable Product Service Systems and Sustainable Consumption
  • 30 Product Service Systems and Sustainable Consumption Toward Sustainability: Introduction - Yasushi Umeda
  • 31 Advanced Japanese Service Design: From Elements to Relations - Yoshiki Shimomura, Koji Kimita and Fumiya Akasaka
  • 32 Design for Sustainability (DfS): Interface of Sustainable Production and Consumption - Joachim H. Spangenberg
  • 33 Engineering PSS (Product/Service Systems) Toward Sustainability: Review of Research - Tomohiko Sakao
  • 34 Eco-business Planning: Idea Generation Method - Shinsuke Kondoh and Hitoshi Komoto
  • 35 Life Cycle Simulation for Sustainable Product Service Systems - Hitoshi Komoto and Nozomu Mishima
  • 36 Modeling Services and Service-Centered PSS Design - Yoshiki Shimomura and Kentaro Watanabe
  • 37 Product Design Considerations for Improved Integrated Product/Service Offerings - Mattias Lindahl and Erik Sundin
  • 38 Sustainable Consumption - Dorothy Maxwell
  • 39 Sustainable Design Engineering: Design as a Key Driver in Sustainable Product and Business Development - Christoph Herrmann and Guenter Moeller
  • 40 Sustainable PSS in Automotive Industry - Christoph Herrmann and Katrin Kuntzky
  • Section V Policy and Decision-Making
  • 41 Policy, Decision-Making, and Management for Sustainable Engineering: Introduction - Karel F. Mulder
  • 42 Backcasting and Scenarios for Sustainable Technology Development - Jaco Quist
  • 43 Changing Energy Demand Behavior: Potential of Demand-Side Management - Sylvia Breukers, Ruth Mourik and Eva Heiskanen
  • 44 Engineers and Community: How Sustainable Engineering Depends on Engineers' Views of People - Juan C. Lucena
  • 45 Impact of New Technologies: How to Assess the Intended and Unintended Effects of New Technologies? - Karel F. Mulder
  • 46 Life Cycle Thinking for Improved Resource Management: LCA or? - Björn Frostell
  • 47 New Business Models for Sustainable Development - Renate van Drimmelen
  • 48 Strategies for Sustainable Technologies: Innovation in Systems, Products, and Services - Karel F. Mulder
  • 49 Successful Contextual Technology Transfer and Determinants of Culture - Kassahun Y. Kebede, D. J. Ndegwah and J. O. Kroesen
  • Section VI Energy Sources of the Future
  • 50 Energy Sources of the Future: Introduction - Fabio Orecchini
  • 51 Biomass Energy Field - Vikram Seebaluck
  • 52 Energy from Water - Aline Choulot
  • 53 Ensuring Sustainability of Bioenergy in Practice - Francesca Farioli
  • 54 Geothermal Energy - Hakim Saibi, Stefan Finsterle, Ruggero Bertani and Jun Nishijima
  • 55 Renewability of Energy Resources, Energy Vectors, and Energy Technologies for Mobility - Fabio Orecchini, Annalisa D'Orazio, Valeria Valitutti and Chiara Fiori
  • 56 Solar Energy: Harvesting the Sun's Energy for Sustainable Future - C. S. Psomopoulos
  • 57 Wind - Elvir Zlomusica
  • Section VII New Materials
  • 58 New Materials: Introduction - Atsushi Suzuki
  • 59 Advanced Energy Devices: Lithium Ion Battery and High Energy Capacitor - M. K. Devaraju, M. Sathish and M. Sathish
  • 60 Advanced Materials for Fuel Cells - Toshiyuki Drennan and John Drennan
  • 61 Alternative Materials Development Utilizing Advanced Nanotechnology - Shunichi Arisawa
  • 62 Biopolymers for Environmental Applications: Highly Functional Polylactic Acid Composites Used for Durable Products - Masatoshi Iji
  • 63 Computational Materials Science and Computer-aided Materials Design and Processing - Rodion V. Belosludov, Hiroshi Mizuseki, Ryoji Sahara, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Oleg S. Subbotin, Ravil K. Zhdanov and Vladimir R. Belosludov
  • 64 Mechanisms of Organisms as Environment-Friendly Materials Design Tools - Naoe Hosoda
  • 65 Thermodynamics and Resource Consumption: Concepts, Methodologies, and the Case of Copper - Stefan Gößling-Reisemann
  • Erratum