The Routledge History of Food

Editor: Helstosky, Carol
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN: 978-0-415-62847-1
Category: Food, Drink, Nutrition
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Table of Contents

The history of food is one of the fastest growing areas of historical investigation, incorporating methods and theories from cultural, social, and womens history while forging a unique perspective on the past. The Routledge History of Food takes a global approach to this topic, focusing on the period from 1500 to the present day.

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Table of Contents

  • List of illustrations
  • Notes on contributors
  • Introduction Food and the historian - CAROL HELSTOSKY
  • PART I 1500-1700
  • 1 The magic of Japanese rice cakes - ERIC C. RATH
  • 2 Food production, consumption, and identity politics in Tahuantinsuyu and colonial Perú - ALISON KRÖGEL
  • 3 Stimulants and intoxicants in Europe, 1500—1700 - KEN ALBALA
  • 4 Science, food and health in Chosǒn Korea - MICHAEL J. PETTID
  • PART II 1700-1900
  • 5 Food shortage in colonial Mexico: maize, food policies and the construction of a modern political culture, 1785-1807 - SARAH BAK-GELLER CORONA
  • 6 “If the King had really been a father to us”: failed food diplomacy in eighteenth-century Sierra Leone - RACHEL B. HERRMANN
  • 7 Stolen bodies, edible memories: the influence and function of West African foodways in the early British Atlantic - KELLEY FANTO DEETZ
  • 8 Spreading the word: using cookbooks and colonial memoirs to examine the foodways of British colonials in Asia, 1850—1900 - CECILIA LEONG-SALOBIR
  • 9 The globalization of alcohol and temperance from the gin craze to prohibition - JEFFREY M. PILCHER
  • 10 “Peace on earth among the orders of creation”: vegetarian ethics in the United States before World War I - BERNARD UNTI
  • 11 Food, medicine and institutional life in the British Isles, c. 1790—1900 - IAN MILLER
  • 12 Industrializing diet, industrializing ourselves: technology, food, and the body, since 1750 - CHRIS OTTER
  • PART III 1900-present
  • 13 The evolution of a fast food phenomenon: the case of American pizza - BONNIE M. MILLER
  • 14 Cooking class: the rise of the “foodie” and the role of mass media - KATHLEEN COLLINS
  • 15 Tourism, cuisine, and the consumption of culture in the Caribbean - CARLA GUERRÓN MONTERO
  • 16 Food and migration in the twentieth century - LARESH JAYASANKER
  • 17 Quick rice: international development and the Green Revolution in Sierra Leone, 1960-1976 - ZACHARY D. POPPEL
  • Suggestions for further reading