Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management

Editor/Author Waters, Donald and Rinsler, Stephen
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Kogan Page

ISBN: 978-0-74-947133-0
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Business
Image Count: 109
Book Status: Pending
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Table of Contents

The world of logistics is constantly evolving, so this new edition represents the current trends, best practice and latest thinking in global logistics. It serves as a forum allowing the contributors, a range of acknowledged sector specialists, to discuss key logistics issues and share their authoritative views.

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Table of Contents

  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • 01 New directions in logistics - Martin Christopher
  • 02 Best practices in logistics and supply chain management: the case of Central and Eastern Europe - Krzysztof Rutkowski
  • 03 Trends and strategies in global logistics and supply chain management - Christian F Durach, Frank Straube and Andreas Wieland
  • 04 Incentives and the strategic management of suppliers - Glyn Watson, Chris Lonsdale and Joe Sanderson
  • 05 Time compression in the supply chain - Adrian Beesley
  • 06 Building more agile supply chains - Remko van Hoek
  • 07 Using marketing and logistics to fulfil customer needs - David B Grant
  • 08 People powering contemporary supply chains - John Gattorna
  • 09 Linking supply chain management to shareholder value - Heimo Losbichler and Farzad Mahmoodi
  • 10 Outsourcing: the result of global supply chains? - Stephen Rinsler
  • 11 Risk in the supply chain - Lars Stemmler
  • 12 Managing supply chain vulnerability - Alan Braithwaite
  • 13 Information systems and information technologies for supply chain management - Xinping Shi and Simon Chan
  • 14 Improving management of supply chains by information technology - Heikki Holma and Jari Salo
  • 15 Delivering sustainability through supply chain management - Kirstie McIntyre
  • 16 Performance measurement and management in the supply chain - Alan Braithwaite
  • 17 Optimizing the movement of freight by road - Alan McKinnon
  • 18 Retail logistics - John Fernie
  • 19 Internet traders can increase profitability by reshaping their supply chains - Robert Duncan
  • 20 Time as a trade barrier - Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås
  • 21 Learning from humanitarian supply chains - Rolando Tomasini and Luk Van Wassenhove
  • 22 Global sourcing and supply - Alan Braithwaite
  • 23 International road and rail freight transport activity - Jacques Leonardi, Allan Woodburn, Julian Allen and Michael Browne
  • 24 Developments in Western European strategies - Michael Browne, Julian Allen and Allan Woodburn
  • 25 Recent development of e-tailing and its logistics in China - James J Wang
  • 26 Logistics strategies for Central and Eastern Europe - Grzegorz M Augustyniak
  • 27 North American logistics - Jean-Paul Rodrigue and Markus Hesse