Jewish Histories of the Holocaust: New Transnational Approaches

Editor: Goda, Norman J. W.
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Berghahn Books

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ISBN: 978-1-78-238441-0
Category: Religion & Theology - Judaism
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Table of Contents

This title provides an introduction to and overview of Jewish narratives of the Holocaust. The essays include new considerations of sources ranging from diaries and oral testimony to the hidden Oyneg Shabbes archive of the Warsaw Ghetto; arguments regarding Jewish narratives and how they fit into the larger fields of Holocaust and Genocide studies; and new assessments of Jewish responses to mass murder ranging from ghetto leadership to resistance and memory.

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Table of Contents

  • List of Illustrations
  • Introduction - Norman J. W. Goda
  • Part I. Theoretical Overviews
  • Chapter 1. The Jewish Dimension of the Holocaust in Dire Straits? Current Challenges of Interpretation and Scope - Dan Michman
  • Chapter 2. The Holocaust as a Regional History: Explaining the Bloodlands - Timothy Snyder
  • Part II. New Approaches to Jewish Leadership
  • Chapter 3. An Overwhelming Presence: Reflections on Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski and His Place in Our Understanding of the Łódź Ghetto - Gordon J. Horwitz
  • Chapter 4. Similarity and Differences: A Comparative Study between the Ghettos in Bialystok and Kielce - Sara Bender
  • Part III. Documentation, Testimony, and Experience
  • Chapter 5. Diaries, Testimonies, and Jewish Histories of the Holocaust - Alexandra Garbarini
  • Chapter 6. The Voice of Your Brother's Blood: Reconstructing Genocide on the Local Level - Omer Bartov
  • Chapter 7. “If He Knows to Make a Child…”: Memories of Birth and Baby-Killing in Deferred Jewish Testimony Narratives - Sara R. Horowitz
  • Chapter 8. “Why Didn't They Mow Us Down Right Away?” The Death-March Experience in Survivors’ Testimonies and Memoirs - Daniel Blatman
  • Part IV. Rethinking Self-Help and Resistance
  • Chapter 9. Documenting Catastrophe: The Ringelblum Archive and the Warsaw Ghetto - Samuel Kassow
  • Chapter 10. Integrating Self-Help into the History of Jewish Survival in Western Europe - Bob Moore
  • Chapter 11. Jewish Communists in France During World War II: Resistance and Identity - Renée Poznanski
  • Chapter 12. Freedom and Death: The Jews and the Greek Andartiko - Steven Bowman
  • Part V. Aftermath: Politics, Aesthetics, and Memory
  • Chapter 13. Contested Memory: A Story of a Kapo in Auschwitz— History, Memory, and Politics - Tuvia Friling
  • Chapter 14. Pressure Groups versus the American and British Administrations during and after World War II - Arieh J. Kochavi
  • Chapter 15. Traveling to Germany and Poland: Toward a Textual Montage of Jewish Emotions after the Holocaust - Michael Meng
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Selected Bibliography