The Art of Social Theory

Editor/Author Swedberg, Richard
Publication Year: 2014
Publisher: Princeton University Press

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ISBN: 978-0-691-15522-7
Category: Social Sciences - Sociology
Book Status: Available
Table of Contents

In the social sciences today, students are taught theory by reading and analyzing the works of Karl Marx, Max Weber, and other foundational figures of the discipline. What they rarely learn, however, is how to actually theorize. The Art of Social Theory is a practical guide to doing just that.

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Table of Contents

    • Introduction: Why Theorize and Can You Learn to Do It?
    • Part 1: How to Theorize
    • Chapter 1. Starting Anew
    • Chapter 2. Social Observation
    • Chapter 3. Naming, Concept, and Typology
    • Chapter 4. Analogy, Metaphor, and Pattern
    • Chapter 5. Coming Up with an Explanation
    • PART 2: Preparing for Theorizing
    • Chapter 6. Heuristics
    • Chapter 7. Practical Exercises
    • Chapter 8. The Role of Theory
    • Chapter 9. Imagination and Art
    • Chapter 10. Summary and More
    • Appendix: How to Theorize according to Charles S. Peirce
    • Acknowledgments
    • References