ASTD Competency Study: The Training & Development Profession Redefined

Editor/Author Rothwell, William J., Arneson, Justin and Naughton, Jennifer
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: ATD Press

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ISBN: 978-1-56286-866-6
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Table of Contents

The ASTD Competency Model is the definitive framework for the training and development profession; understanding and applying the model is essential for staying current and relevant in the field.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • About the Authors
  • Executive Summary
  • CHAPTER 1 The Value of the ASTD Competency Model
  • CHAPTER 2 What Key Trends Drive the Field?
  • CHAPTER 3 What Were the Results of the Research?
  • CHAPTER 4 Applying the ASTD Competency Model
  • CHAPTER 5 Questions and Answers
  • CHAPTER 6 Examples of the Proven Value of the ASTD Competency Model
  • APPENDIX A A Prior ASTD Competency Studies and Key Findings
  • APPENDIX B Data Collection Details
  • APPENDIX C Validation Survey Results
  • APPENDIX D Foundational Competencies Dictionary
  • 1. Business Skills
  • 2. Global Mindset
  • 3. Industry Knowledge
  • 4. Interpersonal Skills
  • 5. Personal Skills
  • 6. Technology Literacy
  • APPENDIX E Areas of Expertise (AOE) Competency Dictionary
  • AOE1: Performance Improvement (PI)
  • AOE2: Instructional Design (ID)
  • AOE3: Training Delivery (TD)
  • AOE4: Learning Technologies (LT)
  • AOE5: Evaluating Learning Impact (ELI)
  • AOE6: Managing Learning Programs (MLP)
  • AOE7: Integrated Talent Management (ITM)
  • AOE8: Coaching (CG)
  • AOE9: Knowledge Management (KM)
  • AOE10: Change Management (CM)
  • APPENDIX F Action Planning for Organizations
  • APPENDIX G Action Planning for Individuals
  • APPENDIX H Adapting the 2013 ASTD Competency Model to Your Organization
  • Project Contributors
  • References