World History Essentials Collection

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World History
Military History
American History
European History
Latin American History
African History
Asian History
Middle Eastern History
Global History
Political History
Social History

Full Title Publisher Publication Year ISBN Est. Release* Subject
The African Union I.B. Tauris 2017 978-1-78-672328-4 Live History - World history
Blackwell Companions to World History: A Companion to World War II Wiley 2013 978-1-4051-9681-9 Live History - World history
A Companion to Intellectual History Wiley 2015 978-1-11-829480-2 Live History - World history
Cultural Revolution in Iran: Contemporary Popular Culture in the Islamic Republic I.B. Tauris 2013 978-1-78-076089-6 Live History - World history
The Encyclopedia of War Wiley 2012 978-1-4051-9037-4 Live History - World history
Europe and the Islamic World Princeton University Press 2013 978-1-78539-678-6 Live History - Europe -- History
A Global History of War University of California Press 2014 978-0-52-028361-9 Live History - World history
Global Population: History, Geopolitics, and Life on Earth Columbia University Press 2014 978-0-231-14766-8 Live History - World history
The Palestine-Israel Conflict Pluto Press 2017 978-0-74-539927-0 Live History - World history
The Palgrave Handbook of National Parliaments and the European Union Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2015 978-1-137-28913-1 Live History - Europe -- History
The Princeton Companion to Atlantic History Princeton University Press 2015 978-0-69-114853-3 Live History - World history
Princeton History of Modern Ireland Princeton University Press 2016 978-0-69-115406-0 Live History - Europe -- History
Research Methods for the Arts and Humanities: Research Methods for History Edinburgh University Press 2016 978-1-4744-0873-8 Live History - World history
The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China Sage UK 2018 978-1-47-394894-5 Live History - World history
The Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century Princeton University Press 2014 978-0-69-114745-1 Live History - World history
* The provided release month is an estimate