Science Essentials Collection

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Life Sciences
Plant Science
History of Science
Contemporary Science
Science and Politics
Philosophy of Science

Full Title Publisher Publication Year ISBN Est. Release* Subject
Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi Wiley 2017 978-1-119-06966-9 Live Science - Botany
Biotechnology and Infectious Diseases Momentum Press 2017 978-1-60-650903-6 Live Science - Biology
Companion to the History of Science Wiley 2016 978-1-11-862077-9 Live Science
An Einstein Encyclopedia Princeton University Press 2015 978-1-78539-679-3 Live Biography
Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences Elsevier Science & Technology 2016 978-0-12-394807-6 Live Science - Botany
Encyclopedia of Ecology Elsevier Science & Technology 2018 978-0-44-464130-4 Live Science - Environmental sciences
Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Biology Elsevier Science & Technology 2016 978-0-12-800049-6 Live Science - Biology
Evolution and Origin of Cells Momentum Press 2016 978-1-94-474901-9 Live Science - Biology
Fundamentals of Microbiome Science: How Microbes Shape Animal Biology Princeton University Press 2018 978-0-691-16034-4 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: Developmental Biology Facts On File 2017 978-1-4381-7565-2 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: Evolution Facts On File 2018 978-1-4381-7562-1 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: Genetic Engineering Facts On File 2018 978-1-4381-7563-8 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: Human Genetics Facts On File 2018 978-1-4381-7566-9 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: The Future of Genetics Facts On File 2017 978-1-4381-7567-6 Live Science - Biology
Genetics and Evolution: The Molecules of Life Facts On File 2018 978-1-4381-7564-5 Live Science - Biology
The Handbook of Culture and Biology Wiley 2018 978-1-11-918132-3 Live Science - Biology
Handbook of Nanomaterials in Analytical Chemistry Elsevier Science & Technology 2020 978-0-12-816699-4 Live Science - Chemistry
Handbook of Solvents Elsevier Science & Technology 2019 978-1-927885-38-3 Live Science - Chemistry
Invasive Plant Species of the World CABI 2017 978-1-78064-386-1 Live Science - Botany
Molecular Life Sciences Springer Science+Business Media 2018 978-1-4614-1531-2 Live Science - Biology
Virus: An Illustrated Guide to 101 Incredible Microbes Princeton University Press 2016 978-0-691-16696-4 Live Science - Biology
* The provided release month is an estimate