Psychology Essentials Collection

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Behavioral Psychology
Cognitive Development
Mental Health
Child Psychology
Mental Illness & Abnormal Psychology

Full Title Publisher Publication Year ISBN Est. Release* Subject
Encyclopedia of Human Behavior Elsevier Science & Technology 2012 978-0-12-375000-6 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of Human Memory Greenwood 2013 978-1-44-080025-2 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of Human Relationships SAGE Publications 2009 978-1-4129-5846-2 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of Identity SAGE Publications 2010 978-1-4129-5153-1 Live Psychology
The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology Wiley 2011 978-1-4051-9644-4 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of Perception SAGE Publications 2009 978-1-4129-4081-8 Live Psychology
The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology Wiley 2009 978-1-4051-6125-1 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law SAGE Publications 2008 978-1-4129-5189-0 Live Psychology
Encyclopedia of the Mind SAGE Publications 2013 978-1-4129-5057-2 Live Psychology
Handbook of Social Psychology Wiley 2010 978-0-470-13747-5 Live Psychology
Handbook of the Psychology of Aging Elsevier Science & Technology 2016 978-0-12-411469-2 Live Psychology
Introducing Mental Health: A Practical Guide Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2015 978-1-84905-596-3 Live Psychology
The Psych 101 Series: History of Psychology 101 Springer Publishing Company 2014 978-0-82-619569-2 Live Psychology
The Psych 101 Series: Psychology of Trauma 101 Springer Publishing Company 2014 978-0-82-619668-2 Live Psychology
Rural Mental Health: Issues, Policies, and Best Practices Springer Publishing Company 2013 978-0-82-610799-2 Live Psychology
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Psychology SAGE Publications 2016 978-1-45-225671-9 Live Psychology
The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development Blackwell Publishers 2011 978-1-4051-9116-6 Live Psychology
Wiley-Blackwell Handbooks in Personality and Individual Differences: The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Individual Differences Wiley 2011 978-1-4443-3438-8 Live Psychology
* The provided release month is an estimate