Philosophy Essentials Collection

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Classic Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy

Full Title Publisher Publication Year ISBN Est. Release* Subject
Blackwell Companion to Philosophy: A Companion to Experimental Philosophy Wiley 2016 978-1-11-866170-3 Live Philosophy
Blackwell Companions to Philospohy: The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism Wiley 2016 978-1-11-865760-7 Live Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy: The Essential Writings I.B. Tauris 2017 978-1-78-453293-2 Live Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics Elsevier Science & Technology 2012 978-0-12-373632-1 Live Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Philosophy & the Social Sciences SAGE Publications 2013 978-1-41-298689-2 Live Philosophy
Handbook of Global Bioethics Springer Science+Business Media 2014 978-94-007-2511-9 Live Science - Biology
The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2015 978-1-137-34454-0 Live Philosophy
The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Literature Macmillan Publisher Int'l Ltd. 2018 978-1-137-54793-4 Philosophy
The Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Aging Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2016 978-1-137-39355-5 Live Philosophy
The Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures Macmillan Publisher Int'l Ltd. 2019 978-3-030-19600-4 Arts & Leisure - Film & Television
Philosophy of Biology Princeton University Press 2014 978-0-69-114001-8 Live Philosophy
Philosophy of Education Westview Press 2015 978-0-81-334972-5 Live Social Sciences - Education
Political Philosophy and Public Purpose: The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Theory Macmillan Publishers Ltd 2017 978-1-137-55800-8 Live Philosophy
Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophy of Mathematics Princeton University Press 2017 978-1-40-088524-4 Live Philosophy
Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Theory Princeton University Press 2019 978-0-69-119067-9 Live Science - Physics
The SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations Sage UK 2018 978-1-47-396659-8 Live Philosophy
* The provided release month is an estimate