Customer Testimonials

"Credo is a better alternative for starting research and provides quality information for college students. In an era of alternative facts and fake news, it is essential that students learn the value of information, how to find it, and how to evaluate it."

~ Ami Ewald, Reference and Instructional Librarian, Lansing Community College

"Relying on this database allows us to deliver quality reference sources while saving both shelf-space and thousands of dollars to update our print collection annually."

~ Sara Seaman, Library Director, National Park College

"When Credo is incorporated into [First Year Experience] class assignments, we see that … [t]he quality of student assignments and papers is better."

~ Nancy Miller, Library Coordinator, Northwest College

"Infolit Modules help me by providing excellent videos and tutorials that I would never have the time to create myself."

~ Dorothy Ryan, Library Director, Lincoln College

"Credo helps me provide information literacy instruction by giving students the option to select non-biased sources with factual information rather than random internet sources the student then has to assess to find out if the information is accurate."

~ Sandi L. Bates, Reference and Instructional Librarian, Bismark State College

"I use [the Mind Map] in a specific instruction session I do about website evaluation and the students are always amazed at how this feature works… [T]hey do better on their research papers and the teachers appreciate having this service available to students."

~ Sierra Campbell, Librarian, Fox College

"When students begin their research, the Credo titles are at the top of the list! They provide excellent background and detailed information to help them dig in deeper into their research. As Nursing and Allied Health Liaison the Nursing & Allied Health Essentials titles provide the go-to information needed to support studies and supplement research for all of our Health Sciences students."

~ Suzanne Johnson-Varney, Technical Services Librarian, Shawnee State University

"Credo’s Topic Pages are a real goldmine for helping students begin research. Topic Pages provide the framework and the background information to give researchers the confidence and insight in beginning research."

~ Carolyn Filippelli, Reference Librarian, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith