Credo Collections Add New and Updated Content

June 3 2015, Boston, Oxford – Credo, the industry leader for information skills solutions, has recently added a wealth of new content, highlighted by the brand new Essentials Collections. These new collections offer curated, award-winning content covering several top-selling subjects, such as Criminal Justice, Nursing, Psychology, and others. The Essentials Collections, along with new Publisher and Subject Collections, support libraries in their efforts to consolidate reference purchases to a single platform that supports research and exploratory search while mapping out connections to all library resources.

Also updated is Credo’s Academic Core Collection, which now includes videos from INTELECOM’s National Geographic Collection, featuring rich video content on science, medicine, cultural studies, and phenomena around the world. Boasting an exemplary cache of award-winning content, the collection now also features Choice OAT winner, “Cold War: An International History," from Westview Press (Perseus), and RCL recipient, "Dictionary of Energy," from Elsevier. Nearly 500 videos and over 85,000 images were also added.

Credo also announced a partnership with Grey House for a new Publisher Collection, and released new Publisher Collections from Macmillan, Pluto Press, and InterVarsity Press. New Subject Collections include Communications & Media, Linguistics, Art History, and Fashion.