Literati Student Athlete: Year in the Life

While Literati Student Athlete's authoritative content and innovative technology are time-tested and widely proven to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students, our services focus more specifically on meeting the individual needs of your students. 

As a part of your Literati Student Athlete subscription, our team of on-staff librarians and educators partner with you to support your library’s strategic goals through projects focused on discovery, classroom integration, resource promotion and education and assessment.

The possibilities are endless and vary depending on your institution type, geographic location and strategic goals, so we offer this glimpse into a year in the life of a Literati Student Athlete subscriber in the U.S. to help you grasp the depth of this partnership. Do note that this partnership continues throughout the life of your Literati Student Athlete subscription and results in the production of new materials each year.  

  • June:

    Your Academic Center for Student Success begins a subscription to Literati Student Athlete. After our team customizes the language on your site, we meet with you to begin brainstorming and prioritizing. What projects have you put on the back burner because of your limited resources? During your first month, we’ll get the ball rolling and create promotional materials for the launch of your customized account.

  • July:

    The transition from high school to college is challenging. Let us work with your Center to help give student-athletes the skills they need to make the leap to university life.  We can partner with you to assess students' current skill levels and create multimedia materials to ensure success.

  • August:

    Balancing academic success, athletic competition and personal growth is the key to success for student-athletes.  Let us help your mentors keep student-athletes on track with videos that address time management themes. Your center can email or text the materials to keep student-athletes on track during this crucial time of the year.

  • September:

    If you could stand some more fundingand really, who couldn't?our experienced assessment team can create an online survey, draft a plan for inviting patrons to participate, analyze your usage data and create an end-of-year report that will show your stakeholders just how far each additional penny goes at your library.

  • October:

    It's midterm time. Let's create course guides that help prepare your student-athletes for cumulative exams.

  • November:

    Winter break is just around the corner and that means there are final exams and research papers on the horizon. Let’s partner with an advisor in the Student-Athlete Success Center to draw attention to citation resources available to traveling student-athletes.

  • December:

    Let’s look beyond college and improve student-athletes' life skills. We can focus on personal and career development or internship and resume skills to prepare students for summer work opportunities.

  • January:

    We can craft learning outcomes and create tutorials all day but these materials are only valuable if student-athletes are accessing and learning from them. Collaborate with our assessment team to review the analytics for your current materials. We can also create pre- and post- assessments to benchmark  and see where we should focus during the upcoming semester.

  • February:

    What are the most popular programs and courses of study at your institution? We have Topic Pages that align with many courses' projects. Let's collect these and share them in your CMS.

  • March:

    What communication and leadership skills are necessary for student-athletes?  Let us create a campaign with your mentors to promote these qualities with digital posters and graphics that can be used throughout your Center.

  • April:

    It’s getting close to finals. Partner with us to create a multimedia tour of the services available through your Student-Athlete Academic Success Center to gear up for finals.  Send this out to get the students through your doors!

  • May:

    he Literati Customer Solutions team can gather a report detailing the progress made throughout the year.  Use this Case Study to spread the word of your Center’s effectiveness and choose areas of focus for the new academic year.

We've reached the end of your first year of Literati! We'll begin creating new materials this year while also improving those that we prepared during the last year. 

Want to get into the specifics? Check out how Columbia University partnered with Literati to improve the quality of their students workView the case study here or request a meeting to discuss priorities at your institution