Literati Student Athlete: Services

Literati Student Athlete's customized and complementary services provided by our on-staff instructional librarians and educators are what set Literati apart from other databases and learning solutions. The services focus on teaching your students the critical thinking and problem solving skills that lead to success on campus and beyond and include, but are not limited to: 

An "On the Road" Connection

For example:

  • "Tutor Help" to connect your traveling student athletes with tutoring services and instructor knowledge
  • "Librarian Connect"complete with chat, text and email helpto connect your librarians to on-the-go student-athletes

Education & Assessment 

For example:

  • Videos, tutorials and other instructional materials created in collaboration with you to address the topics that you choose
  • Pre- and post-assessments to gather quantitative and qualitative evidence of your Academic Center's value
  • Specialized real-time training sessions for staff and student athletes

Leadership & Career Development

For example:

  • Multimedia materials customized for your student athletes and covering decision-making, group dynamics, leadership and organizational strategies
  • Customized internship and job tutorials developed in partnership with your Career Center
  • Videos to highlight student-athlete success in academics and the professional world

Student Athletic Center Promotion

For example:

  • Digital posters to advertise your Center
  • Social media campaigns drafted and scheduled so that you go where your students are
  • Case studies and scholarship data to demonstrate your Center's contributions to your campus