Literati Student Athlete

LiteratiAthleteYou can only win if you can play and each of your individual student athletes must perform well both on the field and in the classroom in order for your team to remain eligible. 

Though making the grade only continues to become more and more difficult, student athletes cannot expect a break.  "No Pass, No Play" rules restrict high school athletes' participation in games that could score them highly desirable college scholarships. Once these student athletes play their way into college, they continue to be subject to strict academic requirements. The NCAA recently announced that beginning with 2012-13 championships, teams must earn a minimum of 900 four-year Academic Progress Rates or 930 average over the most recent two years to remain eligible.1  

With Literati Student Athlete, our unique solution that sets context, provides discoverability and utility and includes customizable solution services, we can work together to support student athlete success in the classroom and on the road. Together we can overcome challenges presented by a busy travel schedule to give student athletes the ability to find, evaluate and use information, skills that are required to succeed in today's world.

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