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LiteratiSchool-ContentCredible, authoritative reference content is the foundational core of Literati School. School Core, which is included with your subscription, includes interactive content from quality publishers that sets context for students by offering an effective starting point for research. 

Depending on what you designate as your students' specific reference needs, Literati School can be packaged with a growing reference database of more than 3.6 million XML-enriched entries with over 500,000 images, videos and audio clips that appeal to multiple learning styles and enhance learning.  You have the freedom to pick and choose as you see fit, as our collections can also be acquired separately under both subscription and perpetual access models.

We pride ourselves on offering coverage of each of the major subjects but realize that not just any title will do. Our painstaking process for content selection involves our on-staff content curators and acquisition experts reviewing many but choosing only the best encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographies, chronologies, handbooks, atlases and other reference works to be featured on our platform. Years of reference industry experience have helped us to recognize that reference content, whether left on the physical or virtual shelf, can easily become outdated and can do so quickly. To combat this, we continually update our collections to reflect the most relevant, up-to-date content.

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