Literati School

Student success in the workforce depends so much on education: Higher degrees mean greater workforce participation and lower unemployment. Though this correlation is clear, the numbers show that something needs to be done to support students so they succeed in secondary school and are able to continue on to tertiary education.

While 93% of 16- through 24-year-olds in the United States have either a diploma or the equivalent certificate, only 41% enrolled in college in 2010.1 Globally, almost 3/4 of tertiary age youth are not enrolled in tertiary education.2 Even students who do graduate from secondary school do not have the information skills they need to thrive in college, as is evidenced by one-third of college students needing remedial courses.3

Your library is in the prime position to lower that percentage and to support realization of Common Core competencies, especially those related to research. That being said, we know there are challenges, from limited human resources to tight budgets, so we are here to help. Together we can ensure your students have the ability to find, evaluate and use information, giving them the information skills they need to become more successful in the classroom, the workforce and beyond with Literati School, a unique solution that sets context, provides discoverability and utility and includes customizable solution services.

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