Literati Public: Year in the Life

While Literati Public's authoritative content and innovative technology are time-tested and widely proven to meet the needs of public library patrons, our services focus  on meeting the specific needs of your patrons. As a part of your Literati Public subscription, our team of on-staff librarians and educators partners with you to support your library’s strategic goals through projects focusing on discovery, student services, library promotion, and program assessment.

While the possibilities are endless and vary by subscriber's institution type, geographical location and strategic goals, we offer this glimpse of a year in the life of a Literati Public subscriber in the U.S. to help you grasp the depth of our partnership. Do note that this partnership continues throughout the life of your Literati Public subscription and results in the production of new materials each year.  

  • September:

    You've taken the leapyour library has subscribed to Literati Public. We'll get you started thinking about your priorities with this open-ended question: What information and digital literacy work is most important to you and your community? During this first month, we'll also work with you to customize your library’s Literati Public account, including the choosing the site's language, and plan hands-on training programs to help introduce your staff and patrons to this new resource.

  • October:

    We understand the value that your library contributes to society but do your patrons? In celebration of October as National Information Literacy Month, we will work with you to launch a campaign about your library's contribution to lifelong learning.  Posters, digital badges, a video, a blog post--we'll create whatever you think works best for your community!

  • November:

    Is your staff passionate about information and digital literacy? We can create a series of  trainings and an interactive scavenger hunt that gets them up to speed about the library's e-resources and digital literacy programs.  Instant feedback provided through short videos will help your colleagues learn more and invite them to delve into the resources that your library provides to patrons.

  • December:

    If you could stand some more fundingand really, who couldn't?our experienced assessment team can create an online survey, draft a plan for inviting patrons to participate, analyze your usage data and create an end-of-year report that will show your stakeholders just how far each additional penny goes at your library.

  • January:

    You spend a lot of your day planning community programs. We'll spend some time making your patrons aware of what's available to them through their local library.  We'll create a tutorial to promote your computer classes and produce videos to promote your senior programs.

  • February:

    In celebration of Black History Month, let's use your archives and special collections to introduce patrons to local African American historical heroes. Let's create a Pathfinder and a video for your library's webpage that will lead your patrons to this unique and valuable collection of resources.

  • March:

    In order to serve your community, your library must meet the needs of all its stakeholders. This includes the students who could benefit from continuing their research in your wealth of resources. Let’s create specialized handouts and a video that introduces teachers and students to the electronic reference books and Topic Pages available in your Literati Public collection.

  • April:

    Spring is here! Your garden club members are out tending to their Tulipa gesneriana. That's the binomial name for cultivated tulipsdon't worry, we didn't know that either until we came across the tulip Topic Page. Let's update the revolving Topic Page carousel on your homepage with topics that resonate with your spring-loving patrons.

  • May:

    It's never too early to start preparing for summer. Summer equals vacation time and vacation equals more time for leisurely reading! Increase participation in your summer reading programs by working with us to create promotional materials.

  • June:

    Let's help patrons engage with summer reading titles by creating interactive activities that explore the symbolism and themes of the text.

  • July:

    Your patrons speak in hash tags and "likes." Why not work with us to create and run a social media campaign for your library? We'll do everything, from drafting the posts to scheduling them on your behalf.

  • August:

    Librarians realize that there's no need to re-invent the wheel. Now that our partnership is reaching the end of its first successful year, let's share best practices with other public libraries through a case study.  We'll present you with a menu of methodologies and you can choose those that you find to be the most appealing.

We've reached the end of your first year of Literati Public! We'll begin creating new materials this next year while also improving those that we prepared during the last year.