Literati Public

Every individual is entitled to the chance to learn and the opportunity to succeed both on the job and in life.

Sadly, in many cases, the bottom line is that people don't have the basic ability to find, locate and use information in a way that leads to success. Consider this:

  • 2.49 million British citizens are currently unemployed despite the existence of open jobs.1 
  • Nearly one-third of American citizens do not know how to use the Internet.2
  • 70% of high school graduates do not have advanced reading comprehension skills.3
  • 84% of employers believe there is a serious skills gap.3

These numbers may paint a bleak picture, but your library is in the prime position to make it brighter. That being said, we know there are challenges, from limited human resources to tight budgets, so we are here to help. Together we can ensure your patrons have the information skills necessary to thrive in school, in the workforce and in everyday life with Literati Public, a solution that sets context, provides discoverability and includes solution services that promote digital and information literacy.

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