Literati Academic: Topic Pages

Do your students suffer from library anxiety?

Do they lack the knowledge of vocabulary needed to conduct proper searches?

Does your online reference content give users the answer to just one question or does it teach students how to find answers to all of their questions?

Introducing Literati Academic Topic Pages, a breakthrough approach to presenting and organizing library and open web resources worth over $3.5 million in equivalent resource value. Designed as an all-in-one starting point for students to begin the research process, Topic Pages combine quality research, DRM-free images, and valuable links to your library resources to promote digital and information literacy and research efficiency.  

Your Literati Academic subscription can include a growing selection of over 10,000 Topic Pages that integrate Credo’s reference e-books with your existing resources and discovery services, extending their value. 

Why do students and librarians love Topic Pages? Click here to find out!

Academic Topic Pages screenshot

Students love Topic Pages because they...

  • Act as an effective, convenient place to start the research process.
  • Offer broad coverage. Thousands of Topic Pages are available on many topics.  
  • Serve as a research gateway, exposing additional resources available through the library. 
  • Provide context, giving users a foundation of understanding, orientation and language. 

Librarians love Topic Pages because they...

  • Present and utilize your library's resources at users' point of need.
  • Function as an "anytime" reference interview.
  • Increase traffic in your library and to your library resources to drive usage and value of your resource investments.
  • Reduce frustration caused by the "silo effect" of multiple unconnected databases.
  • Are valued at over $3.5 million in equivalent resource value but come complimentary with your Literati Academic subscription.