Literati Academic: Technology

LiteratiAcademic-TechnologyLiterati Academic’s technology is an extension of the Credo Online Reference Service platform, named "Best Overall" 2012 by Library Journal. The seamless integration of third party content as well as other proprietary technologies listed below increase the discoverability and utility of your library's existing resources. 

Among other technologies, Literati Academic includes:

  • A growing collection of over 10,000 Topic Pages that integrate Credo content with your library’s existing resources and discovery services, extending their value
  • Mind Map and other embedded tools that provide a powerful way to visualize and understand the research process
  • Embedded services and tools that guide the student and enrich the research experience
  • Integration with course management systems (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)
  • Usage reports and assessment tools
  • Much more...