Literati Academic: Year in the Life

While Literati Academic's authoritative content and innovative technology are time-tested and widely proven to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate students, our services focus more specifically on meeting the individual needs of your students. 

As a part of your Literati Academic subscription, our team of on-staff librarians and educators partner with you to support your library’s strategic goals through projects focused on discovery, classroom integration, resource promotion, and education and assessment.

The possibilities are endless and vary depending on your institution type, geographical location and strategic goals, so we offer this glimpse into a year in the life of a Literati Academic subscriber in the U.S. to help you grasp the depth of this partnership. Do note that this partnership continues throughout the life of your Literati Academic subscription and results in the production of new materials each year.  

  • September:

    Your library begins a subscription to Literati Academic. After our team customizes the language on your site, we meet with you to begin brainstorming and prioritizing. What projects have been pushed to the back burner because of your limited resources?  During your first month, we'll get the ball rolling and create promotional materials for the launch of your customized account.

  • October:

    Let's celebrate National Information Literacy Awareness Month by creating multimedia materials that teach your students the transferability of information literacy skills. This month we can work together to create interactive videos, tutorials and quizzes that prepare your students for the work that they'll do as professionals in their chosen field.

  • November:

    Winter break is just around the corner and that means there are cumulative exams and research papers on the horizon. Let's create a general video about citation skills and partner with a faculty member to create a subject-specific tutorial that focuses on literary criticism.

  • December:

    We might not be the best source for suggestions on how to achieve your personal New Year's resolutions, but we can help with your library's goal of increased resource promotion. Let's work together to create digital posters, badges and logos that draw your students into your library's resources.

  • January:

    What are the most popular programs and courses of study at your institution? Do you have a particularly strong Women's Studies program? There's a  Topic Page for that. Let's update the featured Topic Pages on your Literati Academic homepage to appeal to your student population's interests. 

  • February:

    We can craft strong learning outcomes and create tutorials all day but these materials are only valuable if students are accessing and learning from them. Collaborate with our assessment team to create pre-and post-assessments that will provide data for accreditation and begin the feedback loop for the materials that we've created thus far.

  • March:

     Your university has a recognizable logo but does your library? The graphic designers on our team will work with you to create a visually stunning logo, as well as banners and posters to promote the new library visual.

  • April:

    Your students speak in hash tags and "likes." Why not work with us to create and run a social media campaign for your library? We'll do everything, from drafting the posts to scheduling them.

  • May:

    The numbers speak when it comes to communicating the value of your library. Have our team gather the data from the information literacy projects we've collaborated on throughout the past nine months.  We'll analyze the data, write a summary report and prepare a presentation for you on the key themes.

  • June:

    Let's make further use of the quantitative data that we've collected. Let's plan additional research and develop a case study. We'll present you with a menu of methodologies and you can choose those that you deem to be the most appetizing.

  • July:

    Studies show that when it comes to research, students start where their professors tell them to start. Let's prepare handouts and synchronous training sessions to share all of the information literacy materials that we've created with faculty.

  • August:

    Freshmen are moving in and the study cubbies are filling up. Let's prepare for the new academic year with a meeting to discuss what new materials are needed.

We've reached the end of your first year of Literati! We'll begin creating new materials this year while also improving those that we prepared during the last year. 

Want to get into the specifics? Check out how Columbia University partnered with Literati Academic to improve the quality of their students workView the case study here or request a meeting to discuss priorities at your institution