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Librarians know that students’ success in the workforce depends greatly on their level of education: Higher degrees equal greater workplace participation and greater success in both personal and professional life. 

This correlation is no comfort for the students who are poorly prepared to thrive in the academic environment. Furthermore, statistics show that these ill-prepared individuals make up a majority of the current student body61% of students use Wikipedia for research, even though just 24% of them think it is trustworthy.1

In addition to other information literacy and critical thinking skills, the need to understand and use authoritative sources is essential to workforce success, specifically in science, medical, and technology fields. Half of what students in these industries learn during their freshman studies will become outdated by the time they graduate, making the ability to find information all the more crucial.2

Your library is in the prime position to help students gain critical information skills, including the ability to find, evaluate and use information. That being said, we know there are challenges, from limited human resources to tight budgets, so we are here to help. Together we can help your students thrive in the classroom, the workforce, and beyond with Literati Academic, a unique solution that sets context, provides discoverability and utility and includes customizable solution services.

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