Credo Online Reference Service: Topic Pages



Credo Topic Pages are a breakthrough approach to presenting and organizing information resources. Designed as an all-in-one starting point for students to begin their research process, Credo Topic Pages combine quality research, DRM-free images, and valuable links to library resources to promote information literacy and research efficiency.

Credo Topic Pages are designed to draw researchers to your library from the tools they use in their day-to-day workflow and to drive traffic to and utilization of your research services.They make valuable research materials easily discoverable and answer that tricky, though common question: Where do I start? The top section contains a full-text topic overview from an authoritative reference work, dictionary definitions, related topics and additional articles and images available from the Credo Online Reference Service. It’s about providing students with an orientation and tools for further study.

Interested in a fully customizable version of the Credo Topic Page that includes the option of customizing language? Explore Literati Topic Pages.