Literati Academic

"97% of [library] directors agreed that helping undergrads 'develop research, critical analysis, and information literacy skills' is very important at their library."1

Literati Academic is a library teaching tool and online research platform that provides top quality reference sources paired with point-of-need instruction. 

Why Literati Academic?

  • Students lack the skills to frame their research questions, search effectively, and organize and communicate their findings.

  • When a student doesn’t understand their research topic, everyone suffers: librarians spend more time spent helping students, it is harder for faculty to grade bad papers, and the student gets a poor grade.

How Literati Can Help

  • Point-of-need instruction: teach students research skills while they are searching

  • Educational resource integration: embed instructional content in the platform

  • Mind Map: a teaching tool with a visual representation of how topics are related

  • Research tooltips may be customized for the institution’s specific needs

  • Student outreach with social content such as Twitter & RSS

  • 10,000+ Topic Pages provide authoritative background information, context and customized links to other vetted library resources

  • Start page’s content can be customized with educational videos and tutorials

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11 Long, Matthew P., and Roger C. Shonfeld. Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2013. Ithaka S+R. ITHAKA, 11 Mar. 2014. Web.