Learning Solutions

"Multimedia allows students and instructors to become engaged in their learning, increase comprehension of abstract concepts, and increase interest and motivation (Mayer, 2005)."1

Credo's Learning Solutions is a creative services department that produces customized materials for a variety of purposes and institutions. Our in-house creative staff will work to produce useful materials for one-shot instruction, flipped classroom approaches, classroom integration, event or brand promotion, faculty- and staff-facing content, and much more. 

Why Learning Solutions?

As a full-service team comprised of information science specialists focused on educational and instructional design, development, and digital marketing offerings, we're equipped to help customers in three key areas:

  • Content creation: interactive infographics, instructional videos, responsive tutorials
  • Design: digital & print promotion, social media campaigns
  • Strategy: evaluations, needs analyses


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1"Using Technology To Create A Dynamic Classroom Experience." (2012). Journal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC). Littleton, CO