InfoLit Modules

"Information literacy is an essential component of any educational program at the graduate or undergraduate levels." 1

The InfoLit Modules provide high quality, ACRL-aligned instructional materials to help librarians deepen the quality of student instruction on research strategies and techniques. With 60 high-quality videos, tutorials, and quizzes, the InfoLit Modules are ideal for supplementing existing lessons, for “one shot” library instructional sessions, and for addressing gaps in classroom or online teaching.

Why InfoLit Modules?

  • Ready-made materials free up classroom time for subject-specific instruction
  • Consistent baseline materials easily scale across multiple courses or campuswide
  • Customize modules to specific courses without sacrificing consistency
  • Provides knowledge checks for checking students’ understanding
  • Embed resources right into your LMS
  • Stronger information literacy and critical thinking skills lead to higher retention
  • Offers ADA compliant resources

Libraries are using Infolit Modules to teach the crucial information literacy skills students need to thrive in their academic careers and beyond.

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1"Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education." (2006). Middle States Commission on Highr Education. Philadeplphia, PA