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Today in Education

Schools are trying to keep pace with many education initiatives; educators and students alike are feeling overwhelmed. Students are being challenged every day in their journey to become 21st Century learners and educators are tasked with leading the way. With so many information resources available to students, it’s important that they know what they are and how to use them effectively. More than ever there is a need for collaboration between the Library and the classroom to arm students with the information skills required for lifelong success.

Credo Has a Solution

Let our team of librarians, educators and multi-media specialists be your partner in this journey and assist you in preparing your students for what lies ahead.

What's next?

Credo Online Reference Service logo Credo Online Reference Service helps researchers build context by providing background information and key terms enabling more efficient research. Click here to learn more.
Literati School logo Literati School builds on Credo's foundation of online reference content and discovery tools and helps schools in the areas of information literacy education and assessment, library and classroom connection, and multi-media creation. Click here to learn more.

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