The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography

Editor/Author Leyshon andrew, Lee, Roger and McDowell, Linda,
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Sage UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84860-114-7
Category: Business, Finance & Economics - Economics
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Table of Contents

The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography illustrates the significance of thinking the economy and the economic geographically. It identifies significant stages in the disciplines development, and focuses on the key themes and ideas that inform present thinking in economic geography.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction - Andrew Leyshon, Roger Lee, Peter Sunley and Linda McDowell
  • Part 1 Location Models and Quantitative Economic Geography
  • 1 Locating Location Models - Jürgen Essletzbichler
  • 2 The Quantitative Revolution and Economic Geography - Trevor Barnes
  • 3 The ‘New Economic Geography’: Credible Models of the Economic Landscape? - Ron Martin
  • Part 2 Political Economies of Space I
  • 4 Making Sense of Globalization: Hegemonic and Counter-Hegemonic Geographies - Richard Peet, Ipsita Chatterjee and Elaine Hartwick
  • 5 Unpacking Globalization: Changing Geographies of the Global Economy - Neil M. Coe
  • 6 The Consequences of Economic Globalization - Peter Sunley
  • Part 3 Political Economies of Space II
  • 7 The Local in the Global - Martin Jones
  • 8 Critical Sociospatial Theory and the Geographies of Uneven Spatial Development - Neil Brenner
  • 9 Space, Place and Labour - Philip Kelly
  • Part 4 Political Economies of Space III
  • 10 The Geographies of Capitalism - Susan Christopherson
  • 11 Capitalism and Social Justice - Paul Routledge
  • 12 Globalization and the City - Jonathan V. Beaverstock, James R. Faulconbridge and Michael Hoyler
  • 13 Towards a Critical Economic Geography of Workfare - Michael Samers
  • Part 5 Political Economies of Nature
  • 17 The Economy of Nature: From Political Ecology to the Social Construction of Nature - Gavin Bridge
  • 15 The Antonymies of Sustainable Development: Sustaining What, How, and for Whom - David Demeritt
  • 16 Towards Visceral Entanglements: Knowing and Growing the Economic Geographies of Food - Michael K. Goodman
  • Part 6 Uneven Development: Geographies of Economic Growth and Decline
  • 17 Geographies of Economic Decline - Ray Hudson
  • 18 Geographies of Economic Growth I: Industrial and Technology Regions - Nick Henry and Stuart Dawley
  • 19 Geographies of Economic Growth II: Money and Finance - Michael Pryke
  • Part 7 Geographies of Consumption and Economic Spectacle
  • 20 Geographies of Retailing and Consumption: The Shopping List Compendium - Louise Crewe
  • 21 An Economic Geography of the Cultural Industries - Andy C. Pratt
  • 22 Doing Gender, Performing Work - Linda McDowell
  • Part 8 Rethinking the Economic
  • 23 Feminist Economic Geographies - Louise Johnson
  • 24 Ordinary Economic Geographies: Can Economic Geographies Be Non-Economic? - Roger Lee
  • 25 Towards a Non-Economic, Economic Geography? From Black Boxes to the Cultural Circuit of Capital in Economic Geographies of Firms and Managers - Andrew Leyshon