Literati Customer Testimonials

"Even after 40 years in libraries, it's exciting to see something so new and fresh"

Yvonne Stott, Lancashire County Council

"[The best thing we've learned from the Literati project is] that librarians should rule the world. The profession is so collaborative and open and willing to share their knowledge and experience. A tiny institution such as ours can benefit so much when others with greater human and technological resources are willing to share!"

Ruth Perez, Kathryn Neary, Janet Lanigan and Sarah Dolan , Faculty Librarians at Quincy College

"The launch of Literati by Credo, webinars from the company personnel, and other marketing tools will enable us to share as well as promote this service to faculty"

Louveller Luster, Collections Development Librarian, Virginia State University

"Literati is a great research starter. It is visually stimulating, connects general background information with our sources, and provides tutorials and videos which we would not have the staffing or budget to do."

Kate Sawyer, Assistant Vice Chancellor, South University

"Being able to have help creating videos, tutorials, quizzes, and games is what excited us most about Literati. The students like some short, easy to watch/do interactive things – we either don't have the time or the expertise to do them. Often we have ideas we don't know how to do or we don't have the software."

Sally Murray, Technical Services, Web and E-Resources Librarian, American University of Paris

"Literati is a fantastic resource that can be used by anyone to find information. It provides a platform for presenting information in an imaginative and relevant way such as Topic Pages."

Carolyn Waite

"Working with Credo/Literati has been a real pleasure. They offer excellent and responsive customer service, have no technical problems and provide an outstanding product."

Emilie Smart, Head of Reference & Computer Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Library