Executive Team

mike sweet, credo reference CEO

Mike Sweet, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Mike Sweet brings a broad set of business skills and a passion for reference and web technology to his role at the market-leading online reference company.  He focuses on involving librarians and publishers in the discoverability and content usability discussion, leading to greater cooperation and innovation across the industry.

Before joining Credo in 2006, Mike served as both CFO and COO of CoreWeb, a web software development and consulting company. He also spent seven years as a new business development manager at Global Insight providing Fortune 500 companies with business planning tools for market segmentation analysis and strategy development. Mike holds a MBA from Babson College with an emphasis on finance and entrepreneurship.

Mike shares his ideas about conscious business, education innovation and the library of the future through daily tweets. Follow him by clicking here.

jill rosa, VP of Operations, credo reference

Jill Rosa, Vice-President of Operations

Jill Rosa has a passion for utilizing her financial, operational, and people skills to help build successful companies. She has experience in multiple industries (banking, retail, and software development) working with public, private and start-up companies.

Jill joined Credo in 2004 as Director of Finance and Operations and since then has been instrumental in implementing several key initiatives to improve operational effectiveness and enhance customer service.  Before starting at Credo Jill consulted for two woman-owned businesses that focused on ergonomic educational supplies for K-12 students and outdoor, street level advertising. Jill has a BS from Boston College with a focus on general management and philosophy and earned her MBA, with a focus on entrepreneurship, from Boston University.